Friday, June 25, 2010


we did it....we made it through OPERATION CLEAN OUT ROOM day 1 and i am exhausted. we needed to do it. i actually filled 3 1/2 trash bags with only trash from barrett and the girls' rooms. i have not tackled parker's room yet and do not have the energy for it today. we are going to do it soon though because we are about to have a major shifting of rooms in the very near future. cooper has decided she wants her own room and her daddy told her (against my opinions) that if she could stay in the playroom for one week alone then we would make it happen. well of course she did so now i am stuck trying to make it happen. what daddy did not realize what that it would really involve much more than simply moving hr bed next door. now we have to move parker and cooper and clean out the playroom. AND daddy also did not realize that when he made this promise she was going to want it to go into effect immediately, not in a few weeks! now i have to figure it all out and make it work.....i was so happy with the girls sharing a room but i guess i did not have a say in this. maybe daddy should take off a few days of work to shift things around since it was his bright idea in the FIRST PLACE!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

movies and sunshine

today we had a very typical summer day. we went to the free movies this morning, lunch out using report card coupons, then spent the afternoon at the pool. we played with friends and mommy got to hang with some of her friends as well. after being there for 3 hours i did decide it was time to go home. now the kids are having quiet reading time in their rooms while i get dinner ready. summer time bliss! maybe we can talk daddy into taking us out for ice cream!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

day 3

so it is day three of summer vacation and my mental state is holding strong. kids have been pretty good and getting long as much as I can expect. i have not been writing for awhile because i felt like it was not doing much for me. it was almost stressing me out more than relaxing me but i am going to try another time. maybe this time it will help me reach out and tickle my intellect just a touch to keep my brain from feeling like mush. summer does that to a person! i will try my best to write here on a more frequent basis but i will not let it overwhelm me in anyway. i hope to be here again soon :)