Friday, August 29, 2008

Can I make it?

Some of you might be thinking about the race I am going to run this weekend....whether or not I can make it for 13.1 miles but actually NO, I am talking about the last four days before school starts. Can I make it?? This week has really been a doozy with the kiddos and I am absolutely positive I would not make it another full week if that was the case. My sanity would be compromised and instead of doing dances of joy at a bus stop, Chad would be packing the kids to come and visit mommy at her new "HOME" (aka...the looney barn) Anyway, As i sit here and type this, one is screaming in his room and those other three are slowly but surely demolishing my family room and all items in it. They have taken most furniture apart and now some hammering is occuring. I am a little afraid to turn around! What will my house look like buy tuesday? Take a guess.....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rain rain go away.....

Well as luck would have it, it rained this morning. The only reason this is important is I had planned an outdoor party for Coop and her friends this morning. I even went to Target last night to purchase a second small pool and pump and had both filled with water early this morning with the sprinkler in all of its glory in between the two pools. Of course, I had no alternative plan. If I had, it would not have rained but I didn't so it did. I made the girls stay outside for as long as they could stand it but 20 minutes into it, they were all freezing, teeth chattering, and huddled up in their towels; therefore, as a good mom of four can always do I IMPROVISED! We played playdough, colored, had a mini dance party and made our own ice cream sundaes to eat on the screened in porch. Not what I had planned or invisioned; however, the girls seemed to love it and Cooper had a wonderful time, so I guess that is what matters. Anyway, the four year old birthday celebrations are over and now we can officially begin the countdown to school starting. One week from today for two, one week from Thursday for the other two.

Monday, August 25, 2008

6 days and counting

So Chad and I run our half marathon in six days. I think we are ready, I hope we are ready, if we are not ready than we can do nothing more about it. We head to Virginia Beach on Saturday, get a good nights sleep and then hit the pavement at 7am sunday morning. Thanks to my wonderful parents, we will get to stay in Va. Beach for Sunday night as well because the award ceremony is that night AND because my parents must love me a ton and lots and bunches and know that I really need a night or two away. I guess they figured watching the kiddos is cheaper than some alternatives, however, wouldn't health insurance pay for the mental institution? Anyway, they are keeping the monkeys for us so we can run and have a some time for ourselves. Thanks mom and dad! I really owe you and love you both a ton! You guys are the BEST!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

pics of the beach and my little rock star!

Her are the pics of the beach and my little rock star....

Lots to Say

Okay, so I have lots to say and blog about but instead of doing it in individual posts, I am just going to do one post with all the info in it SO hang with me if it gets a little long. Then, on the next post, I will include all the pictures....
First things first, we just got back from vacation and I can not say ANYTHING bad about it. We had the most wonderful and amazing time last week. We went to Bald Head Island with my inlaws and nephews. We shared a house with 5 other people and then the other four stayed close by. Things could not have gone better or more smoothly. Everyone got along and behaved. It is so much fun to see all the cousins playing together and getting to know one another. Chad did an amazing job separating from work and he was a joy to be with all week. He relaxed and played with us and took a break from work for awhile. You know how sometimes you click with your spouse and sometimes you don't?? ( see previous posts...) Well during the past week, Chad and I definately were clicking. We were on the same page and really enjoyed each other and the children. It can change the entire tone of the house or vacation when you get along so well. It also makes for a peaceful return to the real world. He is at work today but that is understandable but should be home early.
Secondly, we celebrated my little girl's fourth birthday. The actual day was yesterday and we were driving home so we had a party at the beach with her family. We had pizza and noodles and lots of cake. Side note, the cake was store bought and she was SO EXCITED to have a store bought cake. I normally make my kids birthday cakes and this was the first time ever ( 17 birthdays altogether) I bought one. She loved the pink flowers and said it was her best cake ever....sniff...sniff...sniff.. How sad is it that her perception of wonderful is store bought when most kids would KILL to have their mother make their cakes. Anyway, we are going to see my folks tonight and then have a small friends party on tuesday for the big day. Looking at her, it is hard to believe she is four years old. She has always been small but I say what she lacks in stature she makes up for in sass. She has developed into a sweet caring big sister and little sister with lots of fire and spunk. She won't take a lot of grief from anybody, especially her siblings and then sports that super cute smile and all is right in the world. Forever, she has called this her derfday until 3 days ago the word birthday came out of her mouth. It was the biggest sign that my little peanut butter is growing up. So long derfday and dora.... hello hannah montana and camp rock. She certainly is my little rock star! I love you Cooper, Happy Derfday! ( i can not let go quite yet.....)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Been gone but not forgotten

been gone to the beach and had no internet access which I have to say was pretty doggone nice...... no computer, even for Chad! YEAH!!!! BUt as we returned home, I have to spend many the hours catching up on emails and my blogs I love to read. Today is Coop's birthday so we are also immersed in birthday celebrations......I promise to write more tomorrow and some pics of the beach AND the birthday girl! till tomorrow.......adios......

Thursday, August 14, 2008


This week I have been on the search for pants. Pants for my Logan. Pants that are not too tight or too big, not too long or not too short and I have decided that they do not EXIST!!!! I have looked EVERYWHERE!!!! You name it, we checked it and tried some pants on. HELP!!!! My next attempt will be to order three sizes from Land's end and hope for the best. ( they have plus sizs with the shorter length...) She might have to go to school in leggings for the next few months until she evens out in size. AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! And to top it all off, it really does not help when you factor in her opinion on clothes. She could not be much pickier. I can only hope Coop does not go through the same phase and if so, it is with the same size PANTS!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Couple Days off

I know it seems I have taken a couple days off form blogging but I have been having to share the computer with my three older children. They have gotten attached to Webkinz so any chance they get, they want to use mommy's computer. What that means is, any down time in the house....they are in front of the screen instead of me. Hopefully, we will be getting them their own computer soon so I do not have to share OR I might have to wait until school starts to get a chance to have some time for myself. Anyway, we are headed out for our second beach trip on Saturday, return a week later and then in one week SCHOOL STARTS!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!! Can you sense the excitement in my typing?????? And right before that, we have our race and get a night or two off. How sad is it that I have to be willing to run 13.1 miles in order to get a night off! Well, they have emerged from cleaning their room so you know what that means, if mommy wants peace, Webkinz we are bound.......

Friday, August 8, 2008

Quiet Time

I had a minute of down time. 3 watching a video and i waking from a nap. We went to the gym, pool, lunch out...... I TRIED my BEST to tucker them all out so each one would chill for awhile. I did have enough quiet to take a shower and empty the dishwasher. YEAH FOR ME!!! Oops, spoke too soon, the wild man has been awaken.....gotta go.....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Make me Smile

This picture makes me smile. I do not know why, but it does. It shows my family in a nutshell, six pairs of tennis shoes.... lined up on the steps, waiting for their owners to slip them on and take of for the next great adventure life brings along. We are ready to go!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

An Odd Sort of Happy

Yesterday it was decided that Barrett is going to have a tendon transfer surgery done on his left leg in September. We made the choice to do this so as to hopefully eliminate the brace he wears everyday. However, it sounds odd to say that you are happy that your child is going to go through surgery. He has been wearing a brace of some sort for 6 1/2 years and he is done. He is tired of explaining to others what it is and why he wears it. SO, we met with the orthopedic surgeon and he recommended this procedure. It will involve a one night stay in the hospital and 6 weeks of a cast. He will then wear his brace for six months and THEN, in the words of the doctor, "HE WILL BE ABLE TO KICK THAT BRACE TO THE CURB!" Yeah! We are very excited for him and nervous and apprehensive and everything all mulled into one but mostly excited at the thought that he will no longer have to be a little different. It is difficult thought to make the decision for your child the have surgery, elective or not, but we have made the best decision for him. SO, be thinking about us on September 23rd as we embark on this next adventure and hope that doctor is right! If he is, next summer Barrett should be BRACE FREE!!!!!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Fresh Start

We have all had those days. The kind that you just want to scratch from your memory the moment it is over. Well, I had not only a day like that but a week last week like that. Things were not jiving in any way, shape, or form. Kids were fighting, Chad and I were fighting, the dog was misbehaving, traffic was terrible, you get the picture. Something had to give. So, come Saturday afternoon, Chad and I had a discussion.... and we decided to forget every part of this past week. EVERY PART!!!! Start fresh on Sunday...
SO, Daddy day was awesome and come this morning, our week looks much better all around. It is really a wonderful feeling to have someone in your life that brings such passion and emotion from you and also allows you to simply forget and start over.
I hope everyone has the chance once and awhile......
Stop, think, breath, and start over.....
It sure is an amazingly freeing opportunity.

ABCD day

So we had ABCD day take four yesterday. That is, Anything But Church Daddy Day episode 4. We ventured to Natural Bridge and the Virginia Safari park. I would have to say I was pretty impressed with both of the places, especially Natural bridge. Then, the most fun part was driving back home via Lexington and we got to visit our old stomping grounds.....VMI and Sweet Things for a milkshake. We were also able to talk about old times and bring up memories from long ago. All in all, the best way to spend a Sunday, with the 5 people I love the most! Thanks Daddy!!!!