Friday, December 28, 2007

Quick Update

Well here is a very quick update from the Gill home... We are having a wonderful holiday and vacation.  Daddy has been able to take some time off and play and the children are somewhat getting along.  We had a great Christmas, with new bikes and Baby Alive (yes, yet another thing in this house that poops)Here are a few pics of our holiday vacation so far.... well, no luck on the kept freezing up.  I will try and post some later......especially the one of the mountain of trash in the garage AFTER Christmas morning!

Friday, December 21, 2007

The List

No NOT the Christmas lists...
I was reading in my magazine the other night and one write wrote about her LIST.  It was the perpetual and every growing list of things that don't ever disappoint, so I decided during this wonderful holiday season to ponder and start to create my own LIST.  
Here goes...(remember these are the things in my life which will never disappoint me and help make me who I am and my life mine.....and in no particular order)
1. Warm Coffee on cold days
2. Fleece slippers and my college quilt
3. Chad's ability to explain to me how SOMETHING/ANYTHING works...and if he doesn't know, he finds out and then shares
4. QUIET TIME (1-3pm each day)
5. My Shark
6. Sweet white wine
7. 8pm in our home...
8. A good workout at the gym
9.  Trident Tropical Twist chewing gum
10. My blue fleece pants and my RMWC sweatshirt
11. my sister's homemade cookies, goodies, and sweets
12. My engagement, wedding, and anniversary rings (everytime I look at them I am reminded of my wonderful husband, the family we have created, and what is most important to me in my life......and I don't mean jewelry)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Two Days Left of Freedom

Well School gets out tomorrow at 3:40 pm and then the brood will be home for 2 weeks.  Please, think about me and pray for the well being of myself and the children as we will be at home together for 2 weeks.  I am frantically running all my errands today and tomorrow morning in preparation of being more home bound than normal.  I tried to convince Chad to take the time off as well, however, he realized it meant being at home with all of us and I think he is opting to go to work.  I never said I married a dumb man!  Wish us luck and if I do not have a chance to write more before the holidays, I hope everyone has a very happy and safe holiday!  Merry Christmas!  

Friday, December 14, 2007

Holiday Traditions

Okay Ladies....
I have been reading several other blogs and they have been talking about their different holiday traditions SSSSSOOOOOO, I thought I would share some of mine; in hopes you might share yours with me as well.
Growing up my husband and I had several traditions that we have tried to continue, some of which have not worked out quite so well, some of which have been continued wonderfully, and some of which we can try in the future when the kiddos get a little older.
My Favorites:
making and/or decorating a gingerbread house (getting better each year with the age of the kids)
an advent calendar
opening one present Christmas Eve (and it ALWAYS being new pjs)
tacky house light tour
getting to stay up a little late for special Christmas movies any night of the week (not just weekends)
playing holiday music continuously in car and at home
Christmas Eve brunch with my sister's family (my 3 favorite nieces)
Christmas Eve church service (looking forward to being old enough for the Candlelight one)
Each child gets 3 gifts (just like Baby Jesus) and 1 from Santa
breakfast with Santa in Williamsburg w/ Nana and Granddaddy
attempting to take the ultimate Family Christmas Picture of all seven grandchildren
attending the Nutcracker with just the girls in the family
This are some... NOW, I want to hear from you.  What are some of the things you do with your family during the Holidays?

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Parker's new trick.... his hand LITERALLY caught in the candy jar....
He pulls the stool over then climbs up on the table then countertop. (Sorry I don't know how to rotate the pic)

Funny Things kids say...

tut Tooper's fingertails...(cut Cooper's fingernails)
bawk bawk and fwies..(chicken nuggets and french fries)
Pooper Dill..(Cooper Gill)
Mock Milk....(chocolate milk)
cheeseadia...( cheese quesadilla)
UUHHH,Grunt Grunt...(anything Parker says besides HI and Mama)
What are some things your children say???

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tis' the Season...

For coughing, sneezing, colds, runny noses, upset tummies, fevers, aches, cranky not feeling good children, and now UNEXPLAINED RASHES........ 
What's up in your holiday house? 

Friday, December 7, 2007

Happy Friday!

I just wanted to wish everyone out there who reads my blog a very happy friday.  I hope you weekend comes quickly and brings you lots of rest, happy children, helpful spouse, and wonderful food and beverages........

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Most Cost Effective Way to Shop

Okay, I have decided that online shopping is the way to go.  I began to wonder whether it was cost effective with all of the shipping cost but then I took Parker into Barnes and Noble for a quick gift card and swore NEVER AGAIN!!!!!  At one point, I had the Wild Man pinned tightly between my legs as I attempted to sign the credit card receipt only to have him escape and pull 5 CDs, 4 books, 3 puzzles, 2 bookmarks, and a Partridge in a pear tree onto the floor in 3.2 seconds flat ( I believe it could be a new record).  So I sat down and realized that the shipping costs was WAY cheaper than the stress of that experience AND better yet, cheaper than a sitter! So online shopping is the way to go.  That is also my reason for not posting for a few days because I was spending the time I should have been posting and saving money and solving all of my problems by shopping online.  

Friday, November 30, 2007

Typical Evening Rountine

All right, I thought some of you would love a glimpse into a typical evening in the Gill Home.  Here is how it goes....
6:30- herd all children upstairs for bath, brush, books, and bed
6:32-tell children it is time to go upstairs
6:35- chase all children up the stairs
6:36- girls run into their room to get pjs and get naked, bear goes into his room to do heaven knows what, Parker runs into his room
6:38- chase after Parker as he runs down the hall with a toy sword
6:40- retrieve Parker from Bear's top bunk
6:43- chase Parker out of girls room so they can fish undressing
6:45- retrieve Parker off Bear's top bunk
6:48-start showers for girls, retrieve Parker off top bunk
6:50- comfort Bear who has been hit in the head with a plastic sword by Parker
6:55- holler to girls their shower time is almost over, ask Bear why he is not yet ready for shower, retrieve Parker off top bunk
6:56- chase Parker down the hall to get him undressed
7:00- finally tackle Parker to ground and undress him for bath, herd girls out of shower and Bear into the shower
7:05-Bathe Parker and wrestle him into his PJS
7:07- chase Parker out of Girls room, grabbing the pjs out of his hands and handing them to the girls so they can get dressed
7:10-check on Bear in shower, help girls brush teeth, retrieve Parker of top bunk
7:12- cut shower off and send bear to his room for the pjs ( which he was supposed to have brought into the bathroom with him) 
7:15-check all three older ones teeth, send them to pick story, grab Parker off top bunk and take him into his room for a story
7;20-read story to other three children
7:30-prayers, hugs, kisses, and LIGHTS OUT!!!!
7;35- collapse on sofa
Repeat each evening......

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Two Little Gifts from God

Okay, I thought I would share with you a very wonderful thing that happened to me.  I had to go to the grocery store last Wednesday.  Before I go any further, I want all of you to realize that yes this WAS the day before Thanksgiving and yes I DID have to go to Walmart for more than a few items.  The children got out of school early and I had no intention of taking ANY of my children to Walmart the day before Thanksgiving sooooooo, I hired a sitter. This was the first gift, imagine being able to go to the store to grocery shop BY MYSELF... I think the amount of money I saved by the kid impulse buys CERTAINLY paid off the sitter.  Secondly, before I left my neighbor was feeling guilty that I had to brave the crowds for food so she said a little prayer for me.  Well, someone in the cosmic universe was listening because my shopping experiences was wonderful.  Not only did I find everything I needed, THERE WAS NO LINE!!!  I was able to walk right up to the register.  So, thank you to whoever it was out there looking out for me.... ANd if there are those of you who do not believe in God, come on... look at the facts... NO LINES AT WALMART!!!!!!!! And a sitter willing to watch four children....

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Out of town

My dad is out of town.  This is important for a good reason.  He does not leave all that often but when he does, things seem to fall apart.  Last year when he left in November, my mom had pluresy and was bedridden, we had a horrendous rain storm in which my parents house flooded.  My husband was out of town for the day so I had to drive over with a five month old and 2 year old and try to coax my ill mother into the car with us so she would not be alone in a flooded house.  She refused so my sister and I took turns staying at the house for 3 days.  
Well it started again this morning.  I got a call while I was at the pediatricians office (getting Parker's second flu shot which he ended up NOT needing, a whole other post...)  and it was from my Mother's principal (she is a first grade teacher).  Mom was sick and needed me to come and pick her up.  SO, I packed up Parker, we drove out to her school to bring her home.  I got her all settled at the house, bowl beside her, coke and crackers next to her bed, reset the alarm and came on home, knowing I will be going over to check on her later in the day.  At least it is not supposed to rain, RIGHT???

Monday, November 26, 2007

Another Monday Morning....

Well my Monday morning started off well.  But then went quickly downhill... I think my wallet was stolen AGAIN so I have been spending the morning canceling, replacing, and changing all the info one keeps in their wallet.  Chad has to change the locks (yet again, 2 times in 10 months).  WHy does this seem to happen to me?  I guess I am too trusting of our fellow neighbors... Which is really upsetting to me.  My neighbor called and said he had money stolen out of his car as well last night, at least I am not the only one.  AND, I learned the hard way last time how to minimize what I do indeed keep in my purse.  HE did not get the motherload of cash and giftcards like last time but it is STILL a pain in the ---!  

Saturday, November 24, 2007

VMI Trip

We went to VMI last weekend for a football game.  Well it did not turn out as well as we expected but we had a wonderful time.  We drove 2 1/2 hours up to the Institute, parked, unloaded everybody, got out all coats, hats, mittens, and backpacks we needed, and headed to the ticket booth.  It was not until then that we realized it would cost us close to $80 to go INTO the game.  I do not know how many of you who read are familiar with VMI and its football tradition but there is NEVER a game worth $80 to attend.  So, because we are wonderful parents, we quickly devised an alternative plan.  We watched SOME of the game from the hill behind one of the buildings then we headed into Crozet Hall for some lunch.  This is where we found the deal of the century.  It was an all you can eat buffet of hot and cold items for $5 a head.....AND 5 and under were free...yes FREE!!!! SO, my entire family of 6 ate for, you guessed it, $15!  You can not eat ANYWHERE for $15.  YEAH!!!  
After eating, we wondered around the campus with some friends, headed over the Sweat Things for a DELICIOUS ice cream treat then drove a short 1 hour to our friends house in Charlottesville.  There, we stayed on into the evening, having a wonderful time...great food and wonderful friends and ADULT conversation..... the children played and we talked until everyone was about to crash.  Chad and I then loaded everyone back up and headed on home.  All in all, it was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday with my family!

Crazy Few Days

Well, I want to apologize to my faithful few readers for my lack of posting over the past few days but... hey, I have four kids... give me a break. No, seriously, we are back! I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving. We certainly did. We went to my side of the family for lunch and CHad;s side of the family for dinner. The children got to play with TONS of cousins, new and old, and we got to visit with lots of family. I got the pleasure of meeting some new members as well (not so new to the family but new to me) which was a wonderful delight! The day after Thanksgiving is decorate for Christmas day in our house. We ventured out, put down a small fortune on a tree, came home and attempted to decorate with WILD MAN undecorating as fast as we could work. We chose to save the tree trimming until this morning.... not our best decision but we wanted all children to be a part of it. Let me just sum up the morning with this..ALL CHILDREN WERE A PART OF IT...I am not saying what part that is.
Now we are taking over the great leaf pile in the front SO we can find our kids again. They went out a few hours ago not to be seen since. I figure once ALL the leaves are blown, they will turn up. Probably just in time to pounce on the large pile and quickly spread all the leaves again.

Monday, November 19, 2007

3 Ring Circus

We were at some good friends house over the weekend and we were discussing the wonderful transistion times we both have in the early evening before Daddy comes home from work. (She is a mom of 3) While we were talking, mu husband interjected and said coming home to our house each evening was like' " Walking into a 3 ring circus on fire being attacked by pirates..." We laughed so hard becasue sometimes it is SO TRUE!!! But now that he has voiced that analogy, he must really know what the homefront is like in the evenings...SOOOOOOOO, when he says he needs to work late, is that really true or does he not want to Sword UP and fight against those pirates OR pull out the fire extinguisher.......
Next time he calls, maybe I will lock myself in the bathroom so he can not hear the chaos and he will quickly come home.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Time for the Run Around

Fridays are our run around days. What I mean by that is we literally have to drive to two different activities in opposite directions to drop off and pick up the older two. The younger two get stuck in the car seat from the 3:45 when it is quick get in the car from the bus and change your clothes to 5:30 and finally picking big sister back up at tap. Along the middle is, drive one direction to drop of bear at karate by 4:20 then drive in the opposite direction to drop Logan off at Tap by 4;30 then drive back again to pick up son from karate by 5pm and back again to pick Logan back up at 5:30. Then arriving home at 5:45, trying to decide what and when to fix dinner for four children who are STARVING ( like they haven't eaten in WEEKS!!!!). Do I order pizza? Throw hot dogs inthe microwave? Whatever it is STILL takes time to prepare. AND THEY CAN"T MAKE IT ANY LONGER!!!!!
Now, of course, my husband just called and he has to send his car with an employee to a job site so he needs to be picked up as well. But on't worry, yes his does work in yet another direction, swamped by 5 o clock traffic. I guess I will just squeeze it in between the children. Of course I can do it... NO PROBLEM.... at least the younger two do not get carsick!
Would somebody please hurry up and invent the Teleporter?????

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Bear and the Bus

Sounds like a great children's book, huh? Well not so much in our house, however, things do tend to be going better. I have simply decided if he can deal with it in the afternoons, then I will drive him in the mornings. Heck, I have to have everybody up and fed and dressed, throwing them in the car for the 1/2 mile drive to school is the least of my concerns. I think it really comes down to the fact that Barrettt simply does not like the bus, maybe nothing horrible is happening, he just doesn't like it and that is okay. He is seven and you do not have to love or even like the bus as long as you ride it when mommy needs you to. So, the two of us sat down and talked about ways to make the bus ride better, things to do and say, and then I packed him up and he headed out. He says it is not great but OKAY and I guess I can live with OKAY, as long as he is alright, which he seems to be for now.
A good friend asked me how do we get our little guys (and girls) to come to us when there is a problem? I sure do not know the answer but at least for the time being Bear and the rest of them seem pretty comfortable telling me what is going on and what their needs are (emotional AND physical) I hope I have and continue to create a safe and loving environment for them all and then Chad and I do the best we can when each situation arrives.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What to write?

I am trying to be good about posting most days but I more than often stumble upon the quandry of what exactly should I write? Can my life me so exciting that lots ( at least I HOPE it is lots) of people read my blog and are interested in what I have to say...
I guess if you were not intereseted, you would not read any more... Oh well, back to the quandry? What to write? What do you want to hear about? Anyone?????????
Totally off the subject, does anyone know how to check and see how many hits you have on your blog?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another Day in the trenches

Well the week has been going pretty well, despite the fact that Daddy is out of town. YES, he was out of town last night and called this evening and said it will be at least another day. Now some would feel really sorry for my dear husband, having to work far away from home late hours into the evening and waking early to continue working BUT think about it, WORKING FAR AWAY FROM THE FAMILY. No diapers to change, table manners to correct, homework to help with, dinner to cook and kitchens to clean, baths and showers to assist with, stories to be read, and kisses and hugs to be dolled out (sometimes more than once) Does that sound like a bad thing for him? Not so much. But do not fear, Mommy is here in all her glory to pick up where Daddy can not fill in, even if it DOES involve fixng broken TVs and DVRs, changing batteries in smoke detectors (so they stop beeping in the middle of the night), and taking the trash out.
We miss you daddy, hurry home soon! I am not sure if the masking tape on the Shark will hold much longer.....

Monday, November 12, 2007

A Fine Line

Okay... I am walking a fine line right now with my eldest child. He is having a hard time on the bus. So much of a hard time, that he does not want to ride the bus. He gets very upset before school and today even called me to come and get him because he was not feeling well. I do not know if he really did not feel well ( which I doubt because he was trying to ride his bike 1 hour after arriving home) or if he was afraid to ride the bus home. Something is going on and all I can get out of him is that he does not want to go. I have talked to the counselor at school and the principal. They said Barrett needs to figure out how to solve his own problems and stand up for himself if he needs something. My problem is this. I am a stay at home mom. He does not have to ride the bus. I can easily take him to school in the mornings and with a little trouble, pick him up in the afternoons; BUT, do I need to teach him to tough things out? Does he need to solve his own problems at the ripe old age of seven or is it okay for me to protect and shelter him a bit longer? I mean, really, isn't it our job as parents to watch over, care for, and look out for our little guys? Isn't it ultimately my job as a mom to protect him and help him feel safe and secure each day? I do not want him to grow up and be such a needy child that he can not take care of himself, but he is SEVEN...
I don't know what the right thing to do is... any tips????

Monday, November 5, 2007

4 Day Weekend

Really, do the kids need to be out of school for two days RIGHT after Halloween? I guess Chesterfield County feels like it so here I am attempting to do my typical Monday routine with ALL FOUR KIDS HOME and an extra friend. No big deal but this will not be a long post becasue I just heard screaming from outside. Anyways, Happy Monday and realize they are off tomorrow as well for Election day so another post might not occur till Wednesday but i will try. Have a great day!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Okay, Happy Halloween to all a day late. Here is the picture of my crew in their costumes. Unfortunately, they did not go quite according to plan. The PLAN was to have the Justice league.. with Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Superman, and Flash... What I got was Wonder Woman, Supergirl/Tinkerbell (notice the green wings), Superman, and a scary skeleton. Chad keeps telling me it is not about what I want but what they want to be. I tend to disagree, really it is about a cute picture!
The evening went well, my wonderful mom came over, ate dinner with us, then manned the door while we took all four in our cul de sac. THEN, Cooper and Parker went back to help NANA and the older two ventured out through the rest of the neighborhood. BUT, Cooper did not go before she handed her basket to Logan and asked her to get her some more "TANDY!" Gotta love her..... So, all in all, it was a good and noneventful Halloween with not too much of a sugar high last night or crash this morning.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy birthday to me!

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear me, happy birthday to me! Today is my birthday! I love my birthday! It is one of my favorite days of the year AND one of my favorite times of the year as well. I do not mind getting a little older (that will probably change in the near future!) Anyway, it has been a wonderul day and only promises to get better! I love to look back and see how much we have accomplished and been through and survived over the past year.... I try not to focus on what I HAVE NOT done but on what I HAVE DONE!!! I have survived a full year ( and a little more) as a stay at home mom of four, survived hospital stays, sicknesses, celebrated 10 years of marriage to the love of my life, managed to get eveyone to school, appointments, practices, rehearsals, meetings, and numerous playdates ALMOST on time, survived a summer with 4 kids at home with each steadfast vying for my attention, we've made creative projects and games on a whim, the house is still standing and is reasonably clean most of the time, most of all I have enjoyed this past year of life to the fullest and look forward to enjoying the next....

Monday, October 29, 2007

Great people

I know MANY wonderful people in my life. I have been blessed with encounterig so many caring, generous, loving people throughout my experiences. I have also had many role models, on the career and mom front. I had lunch with one of them today. My own mom is wonderful...she has taught me so much and I thank her for that. Another mom has also played a large part in my life, the mom of 5 that I nannied for while growing up. We had lunch today and it was no surprise to me how at ease and comfortable my children feel around her. She is a wonderful mother and helped show me that bigger families are the way to go. She handles her five (now 2 of which are grown, one out of the house, and 2 still at home) with such ease I simply watch and learn. I hope I can look that at ease one day with all of my wonderful offspring AND look as rested!

Friday, October 26, 2007


I just received some terrible news about a friend's little girl today and in light of some news I heard early this week of another friend's little girl, I just want to remind every MOM and dad and anyone else who reads this to hug your babies today!!!!!! I am off to hug and play with mine.....

Playing meme

Okay, my friend tagged me to play this game. What you are supposed to do is pick up the book you are reading and turn to page 161. Read and post the 5th sentence on that page and then tag five bloggers to do the same. Here it goes, I am actually going to write the 4th sentence, because the 5th isn't a real sentence and would make no sense.
I am reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
"The murderous thing is what we do every morning after meditation and before breakfast (my God, these mornings are long)- a chant we called the Gurugita."
What could that chat be or mean? What kind of chat would you say you might say in the mornings?
Mine would be, "Get dressed, brush teeth, eat breakfast...get dressed, brush teeth, eat breakfast..." I wish it were more exciting or spiritual. How about ya'll????
I tag:
Cathy L.
Christie B. Rossen
I do not feel comfortable tagging others because I do not know them well enough, despite reading their blog everyday but PLEASE feel free to comment and I will come and check you out!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Not much to say

I dont have much to say today but in keeping with my goal, I wantd to at least write s short post. Things are quiet on the homefront for the time being but that could change at any moment. One is sleeping and one is quietly playing while I frantically try to catch up on all it takes to run a house of 6 somewhat smoothly. In fact, I think I here the wild man calling... til next time..

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Odd sort of Morning Off

Today I had the morning off. I dropped the oldest 2 off at school, the 3 year old at preschool, and my dad arrived to watch the baby for the morning. Why you ask? So I could go to the OBGYN for an annual checkup. YEP folks, that is my big exciting morning off..headed off to the doctor to be stripped down and examined once a year. Don't feel bad for me though, in fact it was quite blissful. I was allowed to drive for 25 minutes with the windows down and radio on music I enjoy. I then was free to park anywhere I wanted without fear of small children running through the parking lot or complaints of being to tired to walk. I then breathed in the wonderful (warm) fall air as I strolled into the office. I entered the elevator and did not have the referee a fight over who was going to push the buttons. I checked in, sat and waited in the quiet waiting room and read my book. She was running behind so I was given 45 minutes of peace and quiet to read. After a QUICK and PAINLESS ( I LOVE my ob!) checkup, it was back down the elevator, back to the car, and back home where my wonderful dad had picked up the 3 year old from preschool AND LUNCH for us all.

Monday, October 22, 2007


alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5124223966265330018" />

I just want to wish everyone out there in blogland a very happy fall! I know it is not the official first day of fall, that already past, but I finally felt like it was becoming fall this past weekend. We went to the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins and had our carving session at the house. I just love this time of year. I love the flavors, smells, sites, temperature (NORMALLY, we are having a heat wave right now as I sit and type in my shorts and a tshirt)... I love Pumpkin spice lattes and apple pies, changing leaves, football games, jeans, sweatshirts, cool evenings with our windows open. This time of year just makes me happy. I feel so good.......
The pics above are from our outing this weekend and LOOK, Mommy is actually in one of the pictures. A family on the hayride took it of all of us and I took one of them. We then proceded to have a conversation about how very few pictures there are of Mommy because she is always the one with the camera. The others are of my two girls and my two boys. Please notice Parker's shirt, it is SO says, Lil' Wild Man and he SO IS! Everyone had a wonderful time AND got great pumpkins.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another Sleepless NIght

I wish there was a way to turn off mommy ears. It is simply not fair that they can pick up the slightest noise from another room and then cause one to stay awake for 2 hours until sleep can be found again. I think I am going to have to invest in ear plugs. Do you know how hard it is to fall back asleep when babies are playing in their crib (happily mind you) and Daddy is snoring right beside me? It is a wonder more husbands are not injured in their sleep by tired mothers. How can they sleep through everything? My favorite is when they wake up well rested and say, "WOW! I slept great last night. The kids must not have made a PEEP!!" Yeah, right....

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Too Cute for Words

I have decided that this is by far my favorite time of year and it is becasue of one thing.... FLEECE FOOTED PJs! Have you ever seen anything cuter than a toddler running around in fleece footed pjs? I have not! Bring it on snow, sleet, cold winds, and nighttime chills, MY kiddos will be warm and toasty all season... AND, they are too cute for words!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How do I do it?

Please, someone, tell me how to do it! I DON"T KNOW HOW and I am admitting I need help. The thing that I do not know how to do is spend enough time with everyone AND get everything I want and need to get done. I'm starting to feel really guilty becasue I feel like the time is slipping away from me while my kids are still young. I feel like I simply blinked and now I am a mom of a seven, five, three, and one year old. Never again will there be those days of more then one in diapers, snuggles while feeding a bottle, and babies. I don't know how to split my time up. I keep reading all these articles, emails, bogs, that tell me to stop what I am doing and enjoy my kids. Read them a story, play a game with them, but then I look at the laundry, look at the mess, groceries to be bought and I feel like I will do it tomorrow. But does that tomorrow ever come? I am doing my best and trying really hard to spend at least a couple quality minutes each day with each kid but I am afraid I am missing so much. Please, if anyone has any advice out there I would love to hear it because I don't know what to do!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Another loan

Well we now need another loan on the house... we went to Saxon Shoes yesterday. Seven pairs of shoes and a car payment later we have seven new pairs of shoes ( sadly, mommy did not get any....) I guess I should have prefaced things by saying I am a shoe snob. Not a shoe snob in the way that we have tons of pairs of shoes or that my kiddos have lots of shoes. No, in fact no one in the house has more that 2 pairs of shoes but they are good shoes. Nice looking, supportive, rugged shoes that seem to cost a small fortune. I feel that shoes are one place where I need to spend a little more money because it is so important for the us all to have a good foundation. Because of this, it always seems in the fall and spring we have to spend a small fortune to outfit them in new sneakers and school/church shoes. BUT, I did get a good deal because Saxon gives people over 60 a 10% discount AND if it is your birthday month you get 10 % so I dragged my dad along to get 20% OFF EACH PAIR of shoes ( because he is turning 60 this month so we could take advantage of both discounts...). We saved in excess of $60. YEAH FOR ME!!!!! Now, I wonder if they can hold out until June when my mom turns 60!!! Keep your fingers crossed their feet don't grow too fast...

Friday, October 12, 2007


Okay, I have a few beefs with glasses makers and glasses providers. First off, how are we, who wear glasses, supposed to pick a good looking pair frames that are attractive and compliment our face WHEN WE CAN"T SEE without our glasses. Second of all, how are we, who wear glasses, supposed to be able to FIX said glasses when they break WHEN WE CAN"T SEE. Do you see the problem? It all came to a head when this morning I went to put on my glasses and for some strange unexplanable reason, my lens fell out, along with the screw. SO, I had to get down on my hands and knees and search the rug for the TINY screw and when I did find it I had to attempt to screw it back in, ALL WHILE NOT WEARING MY GLASSES. There has got to be a better way!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Home safe and sound

Logan made it home safe and sound yesterday evening after a short 5 days in the hosptial. She will be home the rest of the week and then off to school on MOnday. I tell you, it amazes me how wonderfully resilient (sure I spelled wrong) children are. Not six days ago. she was doubled over in pain and on her way to surgery and now I am chass after her ASKING her to slow down. If it were you or me, we would have been out of commision for at least a week. The entire experience seems very sureal to both Chad and myself. I can not can a handle on the fatc that just a feew short days aon our daughter was being rushed into surgery and now she is home. I wonder if I ever will... Maybe it is a blessing it happened so fast so Chad and myself simply slipped into survival parent mode instead of having lots of time to ponder the situation. Whatever it is, I am glad it is over and WoLo is safe and sound. Short side note to all the mothers out there....ALWAYS trust your intuition, no matter what the doctors say at first!

Monday, October 8, 2007

A Little exhausted

Sorry for not blogging for a few days but things have been a little crazy. Logan got sick last Wednesday evening and long long LONG few days told short she went in for emergency surgery Friday at 11pm with a ruptured appendix. SHe has been in the hospital for four nights and expected home tomorrow. Needless to say, having her there and the other 3 here made for a pretty eventful past copuple days. NOw PArker is coming down with somthing so on the night I have stayed here ( to get a little more rest) he has been up also. At least he does not turn the light on to check vitals every he just cries. Now that I know she is fine and hopefully coming home tomorrow, I AM EXHAUSTED! I think the adreniline has worn off so I AM OFF TO BED, yes it is 8:30 but I deserve it. Good night......

Friday, October 5, 2007

Ode to our good friend Hanger

Well our good friend Hanger came to stay with us last night becasue he had a conference in Richmond. His wife was to come but she had to stayhome so it was the boys and me. I can tell you Hanger is a really good of the best...and they way I can tell this is: he volunteered to stay at home with four children, one of them sick, no real guest room, no bathroom to himself, and he woke up and greeted us with a smile despite the endless night of 6 bathroom trips, four calls for mommy and trips up and down the hall, 3 crying baby outbusrts, a tissue run, and a toliet that would not stop running. All this was going on right upstairs while he was tryng to sleep on my tempory fix to the lack of guest room we will call my couch! We love you Hanger
Not to mention, he was the one who introduced us to the Keurig...he gained an entire new level of admiration then.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

God Bless the Keurig

We just got a new coffee maker and I am PSYCHED!!!! I LOVE IT!!! In fact, it has come in handy quite well on the past two days. Let me give you a little background. I did not used to be a big coffee drinker. I am not addicted but it sure does taste good these days. Also, my husband is the one to make the coffee. He and my dad are my favorite two men when it comes to coffee BUT Chad has been going to the gym every morning so the pot has remained empty!!! BUMMER!! Not anymore, Chad got me a Keurig. It is a single serving coffee make that even I can work. Also, you make one cup at a time so I can have all the frufru flavored coffee I want and Chad can't complain. LOVE IT!!!! Love the Pumpkin Spice coffee also... Now, why has it come in handy? CAFFINE BABY!!! My eldest daughter has a stomach bug that has kept her up so in turn kept me up. When you have only one kid, that is not so much of a big deal because she does nap during the day BUT CAN I NAP?? NO! I have 3 others I have to get up, fed, dressed, 2 off to school, and then entertain the baby wall while trying to keep him far away from his sick sister in a feeble attempt to keep the germs from spreading though the entire family. Need another reasn to worship the Keurig? Not I!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Why do we promise such things?

Why do we promise such things? Such things as...happy meals after shots, candy after being good in the store, toys for doing homework, going out to dinner or ice cream for a very bad day.... I think we do all of this promising each time to make ourselves better, not for the child but for us as moms. We promise such things to make ourselves feel better when we see our children struggling, hurting, or having a hard time. Do they need it??? Probably not, in fact I know they don't. We do it solely for ourselves. The children would be more than happy with an extra hug, a kiss, or a good old pat on the back. They would be fine with smaller amounts of stuff and more time with us. Time, that can seem like such a difficult thing to give in our busy lives but it shouldn't be. We work so hard to make a good life for our kids so we can buy them things but if we sat down and took the time, we would not NEED to buy such things. It is a tough balance as a stay at home mom. The laundrry needs to be done, house cleaned, dinner made, errands run but the children need the time with us. I find it so difficult to stop what I am doing for the five minutes it takes to play with my children. SO, moms and dads out there...I charge you with a task. This task is one I am going to try and accomplish over the next few weeks and I will keep you updated on its progress. I hope all of you out there in blogland will do the same and keep me posted as to your progress as well. I am asking each of you to try and stop promising so much. Try and to stop give that extra hug and kiss after the doctors appointment instead of hitting the drivethru. Try to put down the dirty dishes and the vacumn and play a game with the monkies while they still want us to play a game with them. I know it is going to be hard, so hard. I mean if any of you are like me, you try and get everything done before bedtime so when everyone is in bed, you can have 5 minutes of peace and quiet before you yourself need to hit the sack. If you stop the dishes now, you will have to do them after the kids are in bed. But, let's think about this, how much longer are these children going to want us to play that game with them????? Wish me luck and good luck to you all!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Who Are We?

Who are we? We are women, we are mothers, and we are so much more. We are called SAHM (say at home moms) but are we really? My husband would argue that I am very rarely at hom, more of a stay away from home mom..but it is necessary. between school, errands, sports, scouts, ect. how do we stay at home? But the real quetion I sometimes wonder is.. WHO ARE WE? We are mothers and my four children are by far my greatest accomplichments but who am I really? Sometmes I sit and wonder what I will be when these little ones do not need me anymore. My whole life is caring for them and already 2 are off in the big world of public school. What am I going ot do when they don't want me to walk them to the busstop or eat lunch with them or stay and watch karate or ballet? I asked Barrett yesterday if he though he would ever be too old to hold my hand in the parking lot. I LOVED that he so innocently and genuinely LAUGHED and said, " You're silly mom. That won't happen." I certainly hope not...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Well, my husband finally caught on and realized that being married for ten years is a really big deal. We celebrated our 10th anniversary in June and I just got my long promised gift...a beautiful diamond ring. He did good. It took some serious poking, prodding, and begging but he did good in the end. He does not buy jewelry very often. If fact, he has only bought me 3 other large pieces...One being my wedding band, one being earrings for turning 30, and one for being a mom for the fourth time. I guess it takes a seriously large milestone to get him to do it. I don't care, at least he realizes the BIG ONES!!! Now, all I have to do is wait another ten years for something else??? NNNAAAHHH, I am happy with what I got! I love you Chad and thank you!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Mom Uniform

The mom uniform...we all know it and most of us stay at home moms wear it daily. Some sort of excersice pants or shorts, jeans or khaki shorts. Then up top, a tshirt. Not a clean tshirt mind you, a dirty tshirt. Now it did not start out dirty, in fact, when I get up and shower I feel very clean and fresh and put on very clean and fresh clothes..then it happens...the children. You find yourself in a sweat by 9am, trying to get to the bus stop on time, buckling 3 others in the car, waffles, cereal bar and chocolate milk smeared across your front, dirty tissues shoved in your pockets, and you are not even out the door to your first of 15 errands for the day. WELL, it must stop! I have a new resolution! I am going to be clean! Now this may sound like a minimal thing but it is a BIG DEAL for most of us SAHMs. I am going to try and wear clean clothes when I go out. MAybe not out for errands, but at least out most of the time. Just in the past week, I have found myself changing shirts and or pants at least 4 times in a day in order to stay clean. The downside now is the amount of laundry this n has added to my day and you KNOW how I feel about laundry. Maybe I should tweek the resolution a bit, maybe just be clean when I GO OUT or maybe just be clean on the weekends. Oh well, whatever I work out at least it is a start.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wishful Thinking

I thought that with the start of school, I would have much more time for posting. Sadly, this is not true. Just yesterday and the day before, while Cooper was having quiet time and the Park man was napping I spent my down time going through mounds and mounds and MOUNDS (17 extra large tuperware containers worth might I add) of clothes for the kids. When we first began having children, I saved everytihng. It is a good thing becasue when it comes to clothes shopping, I really have to do very little. HOWEVER, I had begun storing all of these clothes 7 years ago and they were a MESS!! All different sizes, all different seasons, AND both genders in each box. SO, I set out TO ORGANIZE THEM. 17 boxes later, I have them all organized and sorted by season and size ( the gender thing was too difficult, I mean come on..white turtleneck, jeans, they can go either way) I have all the boxes placed up in numerical order in the attic. Now, when I want something for them to wear I can easily go up in the attic and pull down the size and season and VOILA! Clean, folded clothes. Now all I need is for someone to do all the laundry as they wear them! Thanks for checking and reading!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Going to the store

Okay, I know I need to go to the store. The fact that we have no bread, sandwich meat, granola bars, cereal or cereal bars, fruit, goldfish and other snack items. We do have peanut butter but nothing to put it on. Despite this empty cupboard, I STILL DON"T WANT TO GO! I DON'T WANNA I DON'T WANNA I DON'T WANNA! Hey, if it works for my kids, why not for me? Somehow, my husband and hungary children don't take that as a legitimate reason to avoid the store. They feel I need to be the adult and ignore the aching pains of anxiety that often occur when entering the store. I must bite the bullet and go for it. Hey, bite the bullet, can that be snack for today so I can get out of the store until tomorrow? I wonder if you can put peanut butter on it...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Little repetition

I know those of you with preschoolers will understand that most preschoolers THRIVE on repetition. I get that. BUT if I have to watch the new disney princess video one more time I might scream.
Cooper and I are going through a transition phase now that Logan is in school all day. Up until now, the two girls played every afternoon together. NOW, she wants ME as a playmate. I don't mind because I really love the chance to have the one on one time with my peanut BUT I also did not realize how much I depended on that time to do the other thigs that keep the house running smoothly. Now we are trying to work out some Cooper/Mommy time and some Mommy time. The princess video is helping with that (hence the ability to post on my blog as we speak with Aurora in the background) so I should not complain too much but couldn't we have a LITTLE variety? Is that asking too much?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11th

For those of you who know me, I try and live in my own little bubble. It makes me very happy. I do not watch the news, read the newspaper, or listen to the radio. It makes each day a wonderful day. A day not filled with the tragedies of the world around us. Whatever bad is happenng out there, it is not going to change what I make for dinner or what time I pick Cooper up from preschool or what time the bus arrives and when karate starts. It simply makes me sad, while still having to do everything else at the same time.
However, on today September 11th, 2007 I feel the need to take a step back and think about our world. IF you listen to the news and radio or read the paper on a regular basis, one might tend to think the world is a terrible place. One might be scared to raise a family during such a scary time in our country's history. BUT, there is so much good out there. Think about the GOOD things that don't make it in the news. Not the numbers who died on Sept. 11th, 2001, but the numbers of those saved. The familes and people who became closer becasue of the tragady, not the ones torn apart. My charge to you out there is to try and focus and find 5 wonderful things out there that might not make it in the news today but certainly make this world a better place to live in. Mine may not effect the whole world but certainly my life within my bubble and that is what matters most to me.
Here are my five:
1. Little children playing imaginary games, talking and laughing to themselves
2. FInding the love of you life and being able to spend the rest of your life with him or her
3. Teachers who take so much time out of their own lives to care for and teach our children 40+ hours a week
4. Having the health and the physical ability to walk to school on a beautiful fall morning and observe the world around us as we go
5. Loving, caring, friends and family that are such an intergral part of my life and make each day brighter

Monday, September 10, 2007

Silly questions people ask

" WOW! Are they all yours?" This is what I hear just about everywhere I go with my children. I smile and say "Yes they are" and try to continue with my errand. Most people smile back and continue on their way. I do run in to the few though who push the point. They continue on with, " DId you mean to have four? Did you plan it? You must really have your hands full!" What kind of statements are these. First of all, I did not make fun of them when they asked if they were all mine. I mean come on, who would volunteer to take 4 small children to the grocery store or Walmart or worse yet, take the car in for an oil change. Part of me wants to answer them right then and say, " No they are not mine. I have never seen them before in my life. They simply followed me in here." But I don't, I smile, nod, and give them there peppy answer of "They sure are..." but to continue on with "Did I plan it? Wow you must have your hands full..." Give me a break! I want to scream out at them "YES I planned it, Yes I know what causes it and yes I sure as hell do have my hands full so if you would simply leave me alone and let me continue my shopping I would most appreciate it! OR better yet, here is my list and if you could get the rest of the items that would be great and I will meet you at the checkout and don't forget the diapers on aisle 9!"

She has four kids..

That is what my name is, not Ginny Gill, GInny, Virginia, or even Barrett, Logan, Cooper, or Parker's mommy. I am known around town and introduced to new people as, " This is my friend. She has four kids." I smile and say , "Nice to meet you, my name is Ginny" but they do not hear that. What they hear is SHE HAS FOUR KIDS...
Four is a large amount of kids but it is not a crazy amount. In this day and age, a family of six is indeed a larger family. I love that it is! Barrettt asked me the other day why I wanted so many children and I answered very quicly and simply, What would I do without you guysl in my life? i can not imagine what my life would be like without my little troop as their daddy calls them. They always have a playmate around, and always have their own cheering squad and don't mess with one of them unless you want the other three to come running to their sibling's defense. We can be our own team in games and create a party wherever we go. It is wonderful and as I have said before, I would not trade it for the world!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Another Saturday Morning

Well today is a typical Saturday morning. We started out with a good family breakfast then it is off to Karate, the grocery store, Lowes, the dump, Pointe ( a ballet store to get new ballet and tap shoes), home for lunch, quick nap, birthday party then back home again for dinner, bath, and bed. We decided to seperate to overcome more errands in less time so lucky me gets the girls and I must say, I got the EASY JOB! Off to the ballett store!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Back to School Pics...

Okay.. here are the pics form Barrett, Logan, and Cooper's first day of school. The older kids started on Tuesday and Coop started today. After dropping off the last child, the car was eerily quiet and I turned around to see Parker grinning from ear to ear. I think he too is happy to have a little peace and quiet. The picture of the four was taken before we walked Logan and Bear to school Tuesday. We walked because everyone was so anxious and excited that we got a rather early start on the day. Hopefully, they will continue to love school but maybe sleep in just a bit later. Park and I had a great time this morning and then before we knew it it was time to pick up Cooper. Everyone LOVED their first days of school and I am enjoying the wonderful gift our goverment gave us entitled PUBLIC SCHOOL!!! (Almost as good as the free child care at the gym).

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Well the house is quiet...for the time being. The two older ones are at school, Parker is napping, and Cooper is playing with her blocks. Wait a minute, I spoke too soon..." Mom, I stil Hungry!" Is the cry i hear from the steps..Having just Cooper in the afternoon is a new and different experience. She does not really nap anymore becasue she always plays with Wogan. I think we are going to have to reinstate quiet time for her to give me a little break to get something done. Until then, off to make a snack!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Full time to part time

My cute husband made a very good analogy yesterday I had to share. As he looked around my family, pretty much all of them in the teaching profession, he noticed that with the start of school, all of them are going to full time work yet I am transfering to a part time and news of the first day of school will be coming soon....stay on the lookout!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Good Morning Mommy

Typical Dialogue for any given morning in the gill home...
Alarm: BEEP BEEP BEEP,Time for you Chad to get up and make your very quick and quiet escape from the so far so good quiet home
Chad: quick kiss, "Love you!" and out the door
Mommy: Pillow over head
Parker:Wah Wah Wah wah wah
Cooper: Can I go talk to PArker?
Logan: Barrett Hit me!
Barrett: I did not, she came in my room and bothered me!
Parker: wah wah wah wah wah
Cooper: Can I please go talk to Park Park?
Barrett: Get out of my room Logan!
Logan: Mommy MOmmy Mommy! Barrett is pushing me!
Parker (much louder now): WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH
Cooper: MOMMY! I want to go talk to PArker!
Logan and Barrett in Unision: MOMMY!!!!!
PArker: Happy squealing then SCREAMING..
Cooper: I went in to talk to Parker but now I am going to play in the playroom.
Barrett: Cooper, I was playing in here..
Logan: Barrett won't let us in the playroom.
Mommy ( to self): Good morning Mommy!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Alarm Tone...

Well, I was awoken today with a NEW alram tone. Jingle bells... Let me set the stage, My new little three year old ad abirthday last week. She receievd a present from her Mimi. Not just any present, a very loud battery operated with only 2 volume choices, loud and louder. Anyway, of COURSE it is one of the favorite toys for all four chidren. WEll, this morning, my eldest daughter is VERY WOUND UP ( we go and meet her new kindergarten teacher this morning) so she decided to run down the hall with JINGLE BELLS playing on the louder setting and then setting it right beside my door and running away. Not only my door but Parkers as well. And all this started at 7 am.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


He make look innocent, oh so innocent but NO! HE is INTO EVERYTHING these days. Our day started with getting him up. That involved watching him spend 20 minutes taking all the books out of one basket and putting them over the rail into his crib then demanding to get into the crib to throw them all out again...repeat cycle...come downstairs, open trash can and pull out trash, mommy closes cabinet, open cup cabinet and pull out cups, mommy closes cabinet, go in laundry room and empty marker and crayon box, mommy closes door, back to trash can and repeat cycle 4 times. Then, head of to the bathroom for some great funn of pulling ALL the toliet paper of the roll ( the LAST roll may I add).... FInally, choosing to move onto his normal toys but that invloves pulling all of them out then crashing through them with his walker (one of his 4 walkers may I add). Finally, everyone is up, dressed, fed, and ready to head for the gym!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Coming to a close..

Well ladies and is coming to a close...summer break that is.. the times of sleeping in, staying in pjs for the morning, late breakfasts and picnic lunches, late night snuggles and long chapter books being read, movie afternoons and popcorn snacks, flip flops and barefeet....
time for schedules... lunchboxes and backpacks, early bedtime and homework, early rising and quick healthy breakfast, bus stops, school shoes and socks..
I am having mixed feelings about the impending end to my summer. On one side, I am sad. It has been really nice to have a low key summer.. not having to rush around and be anywhere with anybody in particular at an expected time. I got to hang with my kiddos and get to know them a little bit better.
On the other side, I am very excited to have a schedule and rountine. I thrive on those things...Being able to make it to the gym on a regular basis and having some breaks from the kids. Running errands and only having to buckle one car seat and get one child out...
The kids are ready as well. They seem to be done with the family bonding we have been doing most of the summer...and are very ready for some time apart from one another. Cooper is ready to meet her new teacher and classmates and start her ballett class. Bear is ready to be a big shot first grader and Logan can not WAIT to ride the bus and be in real school all day. In 8 days, it all beigns so I will keep you posted as to which side of the fence I fall towards after the rat race begins.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Birthday Season...

As many of you all know, if you have children or even if you come from somewhat larger familes, there tends to be birthday season. A time of year where most everyone i your family celebrates there birthday. Well, in our family, with Chad and I having one and two siblings and each of those siblings having 1, 2, or 3 children, that time of year tends to be n the late spring/ early summer. Well, with Cooper's birthday over, we finally have some reprieve to the birthdau celebrations. in fact, there are only 3 more birthdays in or family for the rest of the year...(having already celebrated 20 since the spring). One is mine, one is my dad's and one is my oldest nephew. ( I do want to take this minute to THANK them for having a child in the leats SOMEONE was looking out for us) Anyway, those three are all in October so we have a few minutes to breath, gather our thoughts and money, then be able to shop for presents. LUckily for me, one of those birthdays is mine :):):)

Friday, August 24, 2007


Well these are Parker's no so new tennis shoes for his not so new trick of walking. It has taken me this long ot get a picture of them even though the title for this post has been in my head for awhile...but it would have read "new kicks for new tricks", but hey, at least I am posting it at some point.
So yes, Parker is walking everywhere these days. Let me correct myself, Parker is running everywhere these days. Anyone who has a toddler boy understands the difference. My little girls, toddled awhile, daintly placing there little feet down and exploring their world with curiosity and caution. Sometimes venturing a few feet away from Mommy and Daddy but never out of their sight. They would look at leaves and flowers, sit in the grass, and watch butterflies and fireflies.
Now comes Parker, who is tearing through life at 5oo miles per hour. Running anywhere and everywhere, climbing in and on anything he can possible reach, and head butting those things that will not quickly move out of his way when they see him approaching, I mean half running half falling, toward him (most of the times being a sibling....).
He never looks back to see if Mommy and Daddy are near by becasue he knows with that wonderful innocence of children that they will ALWAYS be there and never let anything harm him. It is a wonderful and rejuvinating feeling to remember what it is like to be the mom of the little boy in the group. It has been 6 years and to be honest with everyone, I had forgotten what it was all about. Thank you God for giving me my Parker to help me remember what the saying menas, "Boys will be Boys..."
That said, aren't his red tennis shoes the cutest thing you have ever seen? I mean come on, have you ever met a little boy who DIDN"T need red tennis shoes? I haven't.

Happy Birthday Cooper!

Well Yesterday was Cooper's 3rd birthday. Daddy took the big kids shopping at Toys R US for their sister. He came home with great treats. Good job Daddy! She got a Polly Pocket Cruise ship from her sister and brothers and a Dora Scooter from mommy and daddy. She got to invite 3 of her closest friends to Build A Bear for a party and then have the entire family over tomorrow for pizza and cake. I can not believe that my little peanut is now three years old. Where does the time go. I feel like Parker has been around for a little over a year and that Bear and Lo have been around a long time but I can not remember Cooper being here for 3 years. MY little girl is growing up.... hopefully I still have a few more years with her though. With Logan starting Kindergarten this year I will finally get some one on one time with my peanut (while the Park man is napping)which will be very special AND she will get to be the big sister to Parker for once. Boy will she miss Logan though. I hope I will be a good substitute for her sister.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Funny but SO TRUE...

This is my life... minus 2 children. I hope you get as many laughs as I did while reading it! Cut and paste this web address and read the story following the item...

New Roof

Well the roof is complete and we survived. I did find myself checking the front door every once in awhile because I would think there was somebody knocking, only to be corrected by my soon to be 3 year old, telling me.."mommy, it is only the woofers.." Slowly, but surely we are turning this old house into a new one... piece by paint, lights, kitchen, flooring, windows, and now roof. We also rearranged the playroom and the girls room because CHAD decided they needed more room. What else you may ask? Who knows....

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Great Escape

Okay, in a previous post I referenced my children escaping and a good friend asked for the full story. Here it is...
It was around 7:20 on a Tuesday morning and I was taking a shower. I know the time because Chad had just left for work about 10-15 minutes prior. I get out of the shower and hear the kids giggling..(Kids being Barrett, Logan, and Cooper). They said that they just got back. Thinking nothing of it I start to get ready and I hear the doorbell ring. I throw on some clothes and as I am approaching the front door a strange woman is about to enter my house. I look a little surprised and she hands me the girl's strawberry shortcake suitcase. She says "This was with your children" So I ask nonchalantly, "oh where did you find it, at the end of the driveway?" "No", she answers," At the end of your neighborhood, with your children." The entire story she tells me is that she and her husband were on their way to work and she saw my three children wandering down the road pullng a suitcase behind them. Cars swerving to miss them as the stoll down the middle of my road on the way to Brandermill Parkway and eventually their friend Logan K.'s house 1 mile away. She stopped and asked them where they were headed and walked them home. She was on her way into my house to make sure I was okay and nothing had happened to me since my three small children were about a 1/4 mile form my house. She tells me that it happens to everyone and asked if I was okay then leaves. As she closes the door behind her I fall apart. I send them to their rooms and want to lock them there for eternity. What if someone had kidnapped them? What if a car had hit them? What if a nice stranger/ mother had not seen them and thought to bring them home? All of these and many more thoughts still race through my head. It was a learnig experience for all and the children know never to leave the house without lettng me know..(of course, I thought they knew this beforehand) We still remind them sometimes of the even in hopes to keep the knowledge fresh in their heads so it will ot occur again. After all the tears, one thing still intrigues me, why when I want them to get ready to go it takes them forever, but when they want to sneak out they can be dressed fully, shoes on and tied, and out the door in under 10 minutes......

A little too much in a day

Do you ever find yourself planning a little too much for one day and then wonder why by 4pm you are completely exhausted and ready for bedtime, a glass of wine and some QUIET? Well today is begining to look like one of those days. Let me set the stage and you can decide for yourself... I have my two older nieces here to play. They spent the night and started the day at a whopping 6:45 am. We are getting a new roof and the arrived at 7:30. The weather is poor, we can not go outside to play in the yard or the driveway becasue of the roofers, my car does not hold everyone, and no naps will be taken becasue of the before mentioned roofing project. So, it is 9:48, the baby is screaming, my coffee has run out, and my husband in unreachable by cell phone. Wish me luck!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Something Fun

Okay everybody..
If you are looking for something fun to do today, I have a great idea...try taking four kids to the pediatricians office, wait an hour, recieve three shots among 2 children, then drive home. Jealous? Well, that is how I got to start my Monday morning off. In all honesty, the kids were great until the end and I simply adore my pediatrician so I did not mind the wait. He always spends extra time with me and never rushes me in and out. We did go to Target afterwards to make EVERYONE feel better with candy and stickers. Now, answer me this, do I take them there to make them feel better or to make myself feel better? Probably lots of both... HAPPY MONDAY!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

New Windows

We just got new windows! I know, some of you might not get a total rush of excitement when you hear that but I GOT NEW WINDOWS!!!!! 23 of them! They have clean, unripped screens, tilt out to clean, actually open, and are white to match the rest of the house. AND, they have child/night safety switches so my munchkins can not escape...(that is an entirely different story for an entirely different time) Bottom line... I LOVE THEM!!!!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

No comment

Okay, the world of blogland can get pretty lonely. You write, you think, you try and say some intelligent stuff and get very little response back. But then I got to thinking and I realized, how many times I check my friend's blogs (almost everyday) and I do not comment. Please continue to write as I do really enjoy enjoy reading.
I wish there were a way just to check and see how many times people check your blog or even think about looking at it. It would be interesting. Anyway, thank you to all who do comment, it makes me feel very loved that I have a few followers and I am sorry to those of you whose blogs I read and don't comment. I now understand.... I know I am not writing for others but simply for myself. To give myself a little outlet into the big girl world, outside of diapers, Dora, snack cups and naps. However, a little feedback every now and then ain't so bad. Keep reading those of you who do and let me know once in awhile that you are interested, it gives me a little pick me up!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My New Found Love

Okay... I have become desperate...that is desperate times call for desperate measures...I have learned about On Demand on Verizon Fios. Oh no, I do not mean the movies you pay for. That is old news BUT have you checked out all the free kids shows on? I said FREE???? The best part about it is there are some really great things on and several classics that I watched when I was younger..Who remembers The Mouse and the Motorcycle? Runaway Ralph? So I am sitting the kids down and turning on the electronic babysitter for a little (and I must say well deserved) quiet time where I can read some of my book for book club or catch up on my ever increasing pile of magazines and the children are entertained and peaceful... for 42 minutes!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

3 more weeks

okay, am I a bad mom? I mean really, a bad mom? I love my children. I adore my children. I would feel empty inside without my children...BUT I AM READY FOR SCHOOL TO START!!!! Barrett and Logan have now this week decided to fight. And I don't mean really knock down drag out fight then it is over, NO, I mean Bicker...pick...bother...pester...annoy each other at EVERY WAKING MOMENT!!!! What am I to do? The saddest part is, they are apart from each other from 8:30-1pm everyday this week AND STILL THEY FIGHT!!!!! Maybe instead of posting I should be searching for real estate somewhere else where they have year round schooling. Any ideas?????

Monday, August 13, 2007

Another Sunday morning

Just another sunday morning at church you say? Yep, that is right... our church has planned lots of cool activities for our children this summer but this is by far the coolest one. Each child was hooked up and allowed to climb a tree outside. How much more fun can that be and really, it seemed pretty easy to show them God at work. My little girl even said, "I was really high, but I did not see Jesus. Heaven must be a little bit higher..." This is the same child who told me the other day that she saw the legs and feet of children angels dangling down from the clouds becasue they were just hanging out and watching. Whenever I stop and question my beliefs and religion, I now pause and try and see it through my children's eyes. It is much simplier and easier to understand when you can just freely and openly accept what is there. AND, how can there not be a God when I look at the blessings that I have. I get to wake up everyday to a wonderful husband whom I cherish and adore and four beautiful, healthy, happy, spunky kids who add adventure and love to everyday of my life.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Do any of you out there wonder how a family can generate SO MUCH LAUNDRY? I try and get a system going and do it on a regular basis BUT it is NEVER ENDING... the minute I get it under control, there seems to be 5 more loads ready to be washed THEN I have to put it all away! AAAAHHHH!! Why must I spend my precious few quiet moments on a Sunday afternoon putting 5 baskets of laundry away, just to be bombarded with more tomorow? So, I am off to delve into the plastic abyss and hope to make a small dent to make tomorrow a little better. Wish me luck!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday Morning

Well who could ask for anything better.. this morning, my wonderful husband got the children up and let me sleep in THEN said the magic words..."LET'S GO GET DONUTS!!!" So, we all piled in the car in our jammies, hit the Dunkin' Donut drive thru, came home and sat on the screened in porched and ate donuts. Now, the kids are all playing quietly and nicely, Chad and I are drinking coffe on the screened in porch enjoying the morning that is NOT 100 degrees. What a GREAT DAY!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Logan's Special Day

Well today is Logan's special day. Meaning, she and I get to go to lunch and get her school supplies for kindergarden ALL BY siblings allowed. To tell you the truth, I think I have been looking forward to this day even more than she has been. I started the tradition last year when Barrett started school and am going to continue it with each child. It is very rare that I get one on one time with any of my children. When you have four, someone always needs something. I am sure those people with five or more children look at me at laugh at how busy I feel but I think it is all in your own perspective. So, we called up NANA and she is going to watch the other three while we adventure out to Cheeburger Cheeburger, meet our oldest and dearest friend and her little boys and then head off for Walmart for our kindergarden supplies, just my big girl and me!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Funny Games Children Play

I was just sitting here at my computer and it dawned on me some of you out there would appreciate the games my children play to entertain themselves. Yesterday, it was dressing in leotards and dancing around the den while singing.."We are going to CiCis" (which we were NOT doing) Today, they are playing shoe store. They have gotten out every pair of shoes each of the older ones own and are taking turns trying them on and pretending to be the slaesman. In fact, Logan just rolled her eyes at Cooper because her service was TAKING TOO LONG... No it is Cooper's turn to try and walk around to make sure they sjoes fit wwell. Kids are funny...

Monday, August 6, 2007

REAL reason to go to the Gym

Some would say that the reason to go to the gym would be for excercise. You know, getting healthy, keeping your weight down, helping your body be happy, and keep your heart in shape. These are ALL good reasons BUT the REAL reason is .....FREE CHILD CARE! That's right ladies and gentlemen, I said FREE CHILD CARE. Simply drop those kiddos off in the kid zone, and BAM Quiet time for mommy. I get to spend 1-1 1/2 ALL ALONE listening to whatever I want on my IPOD or catching up with good old Regis and Kelly or Rachel Ray. I know the kids are happy and well taken care of and I am allowed to have a little me time. I guess the gynm really can help with WHOLE BODY HEALTH. So, as often as I can, I put my hair up in a ponytail, lace up my sneaks, and head on out for a good sweat AND some peace and solitude...You can't beat it!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

The GIll Beach Adventure

Adventure is the right word or as a wise friend of mine called it a trip. 4 kids, husband, and mom..not a recipe for a vaction at this point, although, I did see many older women walking in the solitude of themselves who ASSURED me things would get easier and quieter. To tell the honest truth, I do not think I would want it to get much quieter, maybe just easier. I would certainly miss the squeals of delight as the waves crash, the constant laughs at daddy digging giant holes, and the perpetual " Mommy, watch this..." It makes for a WONDERFUL time! The kids could not have been better behaved. The weatehr was perfect. Food was fabulous. House nice. And, Beach was amazing...waves just the right height for the kids, sand soft and not too hot. We could not have asked for a better trip, adventure, I mean VACATION!

We are back!

Well, we are back. Sorry for not posting all week but we had NO INTERNET SERVICE. Imagine, me, without my computer and all of my children. What is a mom to do? Anyway, we are back and had a wonderful t ime. I will update more later with pics but for now, know I am back in full force...check often!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ready to go!

Well it has begun foks. the "preparing to leave and pack the car and keep the kids entertained phase" of our vacation. I have to say it is one of my least favorite parts. Daddy spends the majority of the time outside packing and repacking the car while I have to entertain all inside without their favorite toys (which have been packed), without watching a video (we will be watching one ine the car) without napping (in hopes the littlest will sleep part of the drive). Despite this, I STILL found time to post a few words. I guess my sanity is important in all this as well. Well, we are off so I must pack the computer up, take all the kiddos to the bathroom, resolve 12 fights as to who sits where, then listen to 3 different videos on the dvd players, all while Chad drives in his happy bliss and ignores us for the next few hours! But remember, it is VACATION!

Friday, July 27, 2007


Well, we head out for the beach tomorrow and I have yet to start packing. I did wake up this morning and start a load of laundry..good for me! Anyway, instead of starting the daunting task of packing, I decided to write a bit. Anything to procrastnate. Besides, we are going ot the beach for a week, how hard could it be to pack for a family of six to go to the beach for a week...HAHAHA..I wish it were as easy as suits and towels. I guess those days are over, the days of throwing our cares to the wind, tossing in a suit, towel and toothbrush and heading off to who knows where for who knows how long. Now it, pack n plays, clothes, booster seats, coloring activities, movies, food food and more food, sippy cups, camera, charger, 2 computers, bikes, scooters, helmets...(hey, I think this is helping me with my list :)) Anyway, that is just the start. Anyone going out of town with children understands and those without children can not even imagine all the S--- that goes along with a family vacation. I use the term vacation very lightly..remember we are taking all four kids with us. It will be fun to play with Daddy for the week, splash in the ocen, and have some good 2:4 time with the kiddos. Wish me luck, with the packing that is...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Things I ponder...

A good friend of mine asked me yesterday whether it was typical for a little boy to throw everyitng in site. I immediately emailed back reassuring her it was but after I hit the send button I began to think about this. Why is it normal? What makes little boys more prone to toss, chuck, heave, or throw EVERYTHING in site; yet, my little girls are happy to roll the ball, stack the blocks, and push the cars. Having started with a boy, I at first thought it was a normal behavior for ALL tobddlers until my Logan came along. She and Cooper have taught me just how different little girls and little boys are. Now some would say it is the toys we give them or books they read BUT in Logan's case, the odds were stacked against her the other way. All we had was trucks, firemen, bulldozers,etc but she still found a way to turn a fireman into a baby and a bulldozer into a stroller. Cooper follwed in her sisters footsteps ( but with many more girl type toys available). But now, Parker has arrived and he is READY TO RUMBLE! I have enjoyed these peaceful years of babydolls and strollers but am now quickly remembering what a toddler boy is really like! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cookie Adventure

Okay, the day started off well with many grand ideas and some of them coming to fruition..(like starting this blog) I guess I was feeling so proud of myself for getting that one thing accomplished that I decided to take on the act of baking homemade cookies. Now most of you who read this know that I am not a huge baker so I called in the calvary. My sister Beth, the most amazing and wonderful baker I know AND mom of three. Not only did she help (rather make) the cookies BUT her girls entertained my children as well. So, all in all, EVERYONE was happy! The punchline is.. I made a batch of break and bakes to keep the cookie monsters satisfied so I could freeze the homemade ones for the beach. Everything went perfectly smoothly AND there was a little dough left for everyone the have a little sweet tase. Now, they just have to stay hidden from mu husband until we leave town....

The Fab Four

Well here is a picture of the fabulous Gill four, Barrett age 7, Logan age 5, Cooper soon to be 3, and Parker age one. The four that keep me busy all day everyday running from here to there and everywhere. I actually have a moment of peace and quiet right now because the two girls are drying off their bikes from the rain storm, Barrett is plaing in his room , and Parker is napping. The house is so still it is almost eerie. I guess I should comment about how lucky I am that my children are very happy entertaining themsleves despite the fact that our grand plans of going swimming at Mimi's pool with the cousins were squelched by the rain this morning. The rain that actully caused the children to sleep in and give me time to create this blog. God sure does have a way of stepping in sometimes and helping us all out! Thank you...

My First Blog

Well, Ladies and gentlemen..
This is my first post ever on a blog. I have been several friend's blogs and keeping myself entertained for awhile but finally decided to enter the computer world and see if anyone out there would be interested in what I have to say and share. My best friend assured me more that just she and probably my mom would read this on occasion so I decided to give it a wirl. Let me know if you deicd to read so I do not feel so alone in this computer world. Until next time.... ginny