Thursday, February 11, 2010


I just realized I had not been really good about posting pictures of the kids. Here is a pretty recent one. They are all in their jammies inside out trying to make it snow. Yes make it snow! This was the night before our first big snow storm. Who knew their jammies had so much power?


in the midst of making cookies for Coop's VDay party tomorrow and I had to stop and pause. I found myself licking my fingers so often that I lost count. Why is it homemade cookie dough is SOSOSOSO delicious? How can one say no? I certainly can not. Do you think Weight Watchers counts point for finger licking? If so.....I wonder how many it is?

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Gimmies

My kids have the know what I mean when I say that...."I NEED that item." "I HAVE TO HAVE that item." "BUT MOMMY, What am I going to do without that item?" I know we have been home basically all week because of snow so maybe I am just a little more on edge or sensitive too it but COME ON! I took them out to lunch and inflation nation, spent $75 and all they could do is ask for MORE??? I know it is not the kids fault that outings like that cost so much, it simply costs a lot of money to take a family of six somewhere. But how do we teach our children to be gracious and kind and thankful for what they have? How do we teach them that they do not need the new Wii game because a lot of kids do not even have a Wii. How do we show them that they should be thankful for the Ipod shuffle they have and can very easily use the four extra pair of headphones we have instead of purchasing new ones. I know I must sound sour right now. and do not get me wrong, all in all my kids are good kids. They are friendly, compassionate, gentle, caring children but they just seem to have a bad case of the GIMMIES!!! Hopefully, we can ride it out like we do the flu and all will pass in time. I just hope I can make it until then.