Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ready to go!

Well it has begun foks. the "preparing to leave and pack the car and keep the kids entertained phase" of our vacation. I have to say it is one of my least favorite parts. Daddy spends the majority of the time outside packing and repacking the car while I have to entertain all inside without their favorite toys (which have been packed), without watching a video (we will be watching one ine the car) without napping (in hopes the littlest will sleep part of the drive). Despite this, I STILL found time to post a few words. I guess my sanity is important in all this as well. Well, we are off so I must pack the computer up, take all the kiddos to the bathroom, resolve 12 fights as to who sits where, then listen to 3 different videos on the dvd players, all while Chad drives in his happy bliss and ignores us for the next few hours! But remember, it is VACATION!

Friday, July 27, 2007


Well, we head out for the beach tomorrow and I have yet to start packing. I did wake up this morning and start a load of laundry..good for me! Anyway, instead of starting the daunting task of packing, I decided to write a bit. Anything to procrastnate. Besides, we are going ot the beach for a week, how hard could it be to pack for a family of six to go to the beach for a week...HAHAHA..I wish it were as easy as suits and towels. I guess those days are over, the days of throwing our cares to the wind, tossing in a suit, towel and toothbrush and heading off to who knows where for who knows how long. Now it, pack n plays, clothes, booster seats, coloring activities, movies, food food and more food, sippy cups, camera, charger, 2 computers, bikes, scooters, helmets...(hey, I think this is helping me with my list :)) Anyway, that is just the start. Anyone going out of town with children understands and those without children can not even imagine all the S--- that goes along with a family vacation. I use the term vacation very lightly..remember we are taking all four kids with us. It will be fun to play with Daddy for the week, splash in the ocen, and have some good 2:4 time with the kiddos. Wish me luck, with the packing that is...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Things I ponder...

A good friend of mine asked me yesterday whether it was typical for a little boy to throw everyitng in site. I immediately emailed back reassuring her it was but after I hit the send button I began to think about this. Why is it normal? What makes little boys more prone to toss, chuck, heave, or throw EVERYTHING in site; yet, my little girls are happy to roll the ball, stack the blocks, and push the cars. Having started with a boy, I at first thought it was a normal behavior for ALL tobddlers until my Logan came along. She and Cooper have taught me just how different little girls and little boys are. Now some would say it is the toys we give them or books they read BUT in Logan's case, the odds were stacked against her the other way. All we had was trucks, firemen, bulldozers,etc but she still found a way to turn a fireman into a baby and a bulldozer into a stroller. Cooper follwed in her sisters footsteps ( but with many more girl type toys available). But now, Parker has arrived and he is READY TO RUMBLE! I have enjoyed these peaceful years of babydolls and strollers but am now quickly remembering what a toddler boy is really like! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cookie Adventure

Okay, the day started off well with many grand ideas and some of them coming to fruition..(like starting this blog) I guess I was feeling so proud of myself for getting that one thing accomplished that I decided to take on the act of baking homemade cookies. Now most of you who read this know that I am not a huge baker so I called in the calvary. My sister Beth, the most amazing and wonderful baker I know AND mom of three. Not only did she help (rather make) the cookies BUT her girls entertained my children as well. So, all in all, EVERYONE was happy! The punchline is.. I made a batch of break and bakes to keep the cookie monsters satisfied so I could freeze the homemade ones for the beach. Everything went perfectly smoothly AND there was a little dough left for everyone the have a little sweet tase. Now, they just have to stay hidden from mu husband until we leave town....

The Fab Four

Well here is a picture of the fabulous Gill four, Barrett age 7, Logan age 5, Cooper soon to be 3, and Parker age one. The four that keep me busy all day everyday running from here to there and everywhere. I actually have a moment of peace and quiet right now because the two girls are drying off their bikes from the rain storm, Barrett is plaing in his room , and Parker is napping. The house is so still it is almost eerie. I guess I should comment about how lucky I am that my children are very happy entertaining themsleves despite the fact that our grand plans of going swimming at Mimi's pool with the cousins were squelched by the rain this morning. The rain that actully caused the children to sleep in and give me time to create this blog. God sure does have a way of stepping in sometimes and helping us all out! Thank you...

My First Blog

Well, Ladies and gentlemen..
This is my first post ever on a blog. I have been several friend's blogs and keeping myself entertained for awhile but finally decided to enter the computer world and see if anyone out there would be interested in what I have to say and share. My best friend assured me more that just she and probably my mom would read this on occasion so I decided to give it a wirl. Let me know if you deicd to read so I do not feel so alone in this computer world. Until next time.... ginny