Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On the Wagon Again

I went to the dr. yesterday for my annual checkup and was SHOCKED by what the scale said. I had been pretty happy with my weight but it seems I have been a slacker so things have creeped up and up and now are in a not so happy zone. For the past few weeks I have said I would cut back, track my food, lose the dessert, etc. but it never seems to happen. I seem to say to heck with it and eat it anyway. Well I decided to go back on weight watchers for a few weeks. It has ALWAYS worked well for me. I thought I could do it on my own, since I know all the tools but obviously not SO I am back on the wagon again, the Weight Watchers Wagon that is, at least for the next few weeks. Wish me luck....just in time for Tri and Suit season.....

Monday, January 25, 2010


Today marks one week since Jodi died. Some people would have moved on and been no worse for wear but I believe those would be the people that did not know Jodi, people who had not met my sweet, gentle, caring dog. It seems funny to me how much I miss him. He was not a person, not a spouse, child, grandparent, or even an uncle, aunt, or cousin. He was, however, an integral part of our family and our life. Jodi seemed to quietly be in our everyday life and not make much attention but his loss is massive. I talked a lot of big talk how I would not want another puppy any time soon after Jodi. How I had my hands full with the kids and the house and it would be a little bit of a relief not to have one more living thing depending on me all the time. Yeah well....that was a load of CRAP!!!!!! We are dog people. We need a dog in our life. I can not stop myself from walking to the back door every night to let our dog in. I need to hear the breathing of that sweet gentle soul at night at my feet while I watch TV. Oh Ginny will be swallowing her words in no time and we will be embarking (no pun intended) on a new adventure ( not yet, but soon). Yet, no other dog will be able to replace or even come close to competing with my first baby.
Sleep well and peacefully Jodi Boy.....
We miss and love you........

Monday, January 18, 2010

My baby

My baby, my puppy, my first child, my confidant, my friend, my pal......Jodi........died this morning at the ripe old age of 12. He was our first baby. We got him 10 months after we got married. Chad bought him for me as a mother's day gift. He has always kept us safe, watching over me and the children. He has lived in 5 homes, and watched four babies enter our lives. Through it all, his sweet manner stood by my side through it all. He was always up for a game of fetch and could hang with my right until the end on a good run. My children loved him dearly and do not know what our life was like before our sweet dog. I can not remember that either. Over the weekend, he got very sick very fast and this morning we had to take him in to the vet. He could not walk of even lift his head and Chad and I both knew it was time to give him peace.
Sweet sweet Jodi you will be horribly missed and you have left a hole in our lives that can not be filled. Sleep peacefully and run happily and freely. Chase all the balls you can and eat every loaf of bread you see. We miss you already.......

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A good feeling

I went to church this morning with the kids in tow but no Chad. He has to work I had told myself I would only go if everyone was up and ready well before 9am so as not to stress me out. (It can sometimes be hard getting the entire crew out the door on my own.) Making excuses why I should not go is very easy for me. As I lay in bed this morning parts of me wanted to just stay there, snuggled deep down in the warm covers. My children had another idea. By 8:10 they were up and three out of four had already decided thy were going to church and were getting themselves dressed. Huh? Who would think? The kids made the decision for me and I got up and going as well. We ate breakfast and trotted off to church. And I am so glad we did. I always leave church with such a wonderful and peaceful feeling in my soul and I needed that today. In the midst of the craziness we call everyday life, it is so calming to be able to sit and just be for one hour a week. So thank you to my children for motivating me this morning and giving me the chance to recharge for our week ahead.

Friday, January 8, 2010

summer break

being stuck in the house with it being super cold has made me think about our summer vacation and what type of vacation we want to take. we normally head to the beach for a week. sun, beach, ocean, pool......yum! however, after just coming home from snowshoe makes me think a little harder about our next trip. do i need to graduate to 3 bedrooms? is a king bed or ocean front worth the extra money? decision, decisions, decisions....wouldn't it be nice if we were just made of money and we could scoot off on vacation at the drop of a hat and not worry a bit about the money or extras..........i will be sure to keep everyone updated on the decisions, as I know you are all waiting with baited breath!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Good times

homework.....good times in the Gill house.....since the promotion to third grade, the homework has become intense and shows no signs of letting takes Bear at least 45 minutes a night to complete his work PLUS Logan's homework...add in entertaining Cooper and Parker and trying to keep them out of their siblings way and you have one HUGE PARTY!!! I feel very outnumbered when I am trying to help with homework, cook dinner, entertain 2 children, and drive to and from all the various afterschool activities.....I shudder to think how it will be in two years with all four in school and homework galore....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


What in the world would my kids do if I was a working mother? They have only been back to school for 3 days and I have already gotten 7 calls from SCES with my children needing something. From notes to clothes to lunches and more, they just expect me to drop everything and bring them what they need. In fact, if I do not do that, I get yelled at by the child who needed something. I got yelled at today by one of them because I forgot to pack his lunch (he has not packed lunch in 3 1/2 years) and I was supposed to KNOW he did not want soft tacos today and telepathically realize he wanted me to pack his lunch. What a rude awakening they would have if I was not able to stop the world for them. Sadly, their father thinks very similar thoughts. Maybe they learned it from him.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

pics of snowshoe

pictures of christmas

Updates for the new year

I haven't posted in awhile but I am going to try and do better. I guess you could say that will be one of my resolutions....
Anyway, after this post, I will put some pictures of our christmas and ski trip on.
Our christmas break was wonderful. The kids really enjoyed their time off and Chad was able to take a huge chunk of time off with us as well. Parker got his ALIENS that he wanted and the others got fun stuff as well. The big present from us for the kids was a family ski trip to Snowshoe.
So, on Monday morning, we packed up the car and headed off to the snowy mountains for 5 days. It snowed everyday we were there and the slopes were perfect. Fresh powder everyday and COLD COLD COLD!!!! We put all four in ski school and attempted to spend some time to ourselves skiing and enjoying the time. Funny thing is, the entire three hours off ski school, Chad and I spent going down the bunny slopes checking on our little skiers. I mean come ON! What is more cute than kids in ski school? Nothing I would say.
The first afternoon was a bit tricky. We had this idea in our heads that was not very realistic. Chad and I finally had to agree that we were simply outnumbered. We could not possible attempt to ski with all four at the same time. SO as good parent do, we adapted and changed our course and had a wonderful rest of the week. By the end, Logan was going down the big lift and not falling and Coop was almost ready for it. Parker was a wild man and simply strapped on the skis and headed straight downhill, not a care in the world as to how to stop. Bear was cautious as usual but really started picking up the snowboarding. He even let Chad take him down a SMALL slope on thursday.
All in all, it was a fabulous week. The time was filled with laughter and smiles. Everyone got along and enjoyed the family togetherness.
We had such a wonderful time that we are already planning for next year's trip.