Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Coming to Peace with Bickering

Chad had a book he read a few years ago that really changed his attitude toward us as a family. At least for a little while it did. Once work got crazy again and life started to fly by he resorted back to his old ways. I chose to read sections of the book to see just what it said to see if I could get as much out of it as he did. I only read a few chapters but one stuck out. It talked about as a parent, you had to find peace in and accept bickering as a part of life and children and move on. Don't let the little fights take over your day and stop trying to micromanage to solve every little issue. Sounds pretty easy, right? Simply ignore the little things and move on. Well I have been trying to do so and have been pretty successful until the past few weeks. I do not know if the patience has waned OR if the little scuttles have become larger and more frequent. I believe it is the second. Things have escalated so much I have had to resort to yelling on a few occasions which is really against my better judgment. Prime example came last night. Logan and Barrett were yelling at the top of their lungs, "those are mine", "no they are not", "yes they are", "no they are not"..........on, and On, and ON!!!! Louder and louder and louder until I cold not take it any more and I had to shout, "BE QUIET!" You could have heard a pin drop. Mommy does not normally yell but I just could not take it anymore. OVER PENCILS, mind you.
So, I ask you, is this really my lot in life and am I just supposed to come to peace and accept it?
Give me strength if that is the case.....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fun Weekend

We had a really great memorial Day weekend. We had a date night, out of town guests, and cookout and swimming with Mimi and PopPop. Unfortunately, Bear did get the stomach bug during part of the holiday but he was a trooper and was ready to go by MOnday. We headed to Mimi and PopPop's pool for some well earned swimming fun. Cooper can finally touch this year, Yeah for her (and me!) and Parker strapped that life vest on and took off. I think this year should be a really good year for me at the pool. Last year was a little crazy with Bear and Lo darting off to be with friends, Cooper not being ale to touch, and Parker sprinting every chance he got and simply jumping in with no care in the world. Now at least he will have a vest on and Coop can touch. I was also able to get a very rare picture of me with the kiddos and a great one of them and their daddy.
We had an awesome date night with another couple friday evening and then had guests come in for Saturday night. WE ate, drank, talked, and relaxed.
Could anyone ask for a better weekend?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

God Bless Walt Disney

I love Walt Disney! Because of him and his wonderful imagination, I have been able to do many MANY things today, catch up on emails, clean kitchen, plan Parker's bday party, post on my blog, AND look at a magazine. Both children are happily and QUIETLY ( quiet being the key word) sitting on the sofa watching a disney movie, an old classic one that mine have not seen before and they are spellbound. Thank you Walt for your wonderful gift that you have given all parents......

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fun Friday

We have had a great friday so far. Best part about it is no tears ALL MORNING. Can you believe I just said that? That is right! NO FIGHTING and NO TEARS!! Crazy, huh? In addition that that wonderful treat, we went to the gym, lunch, zoo, and Rita's. Now Cooper has a friend over and Parker is happily entertained. Do I dare get my book and settle down for a but? Nnnnaaahahhhh, it is not likely to last much longer but it has been a dream so far. Keep all those fingers crossed it will continue just a bit longer:):)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I do not wish away these years of my young children. I do NOT want them to grow up any faster than they already are but is it a little too much to ask for a few minutes of quiet during the day? I have two girls who each talk more than their mommy, (which those of you who know me could find very surprising that it is possible) but now to add to the mix, my youngest is coming into his own with conversation skills. I start my morning with talking and it continues nonstop until the last one falls asleep. Not even the last one in bed because they still find several ways to talk to me from their rooms.
Yesterday, Chad had taken the older two for guitar lessons and I had the younger two. I wanted to get some fresh air so I decided to take them for a walk around the neighborhood. The mouths started moving before we even left,
"Where are my shoes? Can Jodi come? Where is the leash? Can I walk him? No, Can I walk him? Where is my sweatshirt? Will I need my sweatshirt? Why are you wearing your sweatshirt mommy? What shoes are you wearing mommy? Where did daddy and lo and bear go? When they be back? Where are we walking? Can we go yet?" All before we walked out the door.
THEN, the conversation really started....." Mommy look at that tree! Come on Jodi! Let's go! Why is Jodi a dog? Why does he have a tail? A ROCK! A Puddle! Look Mommy WATER! When is it my turn to walk the dog? Why does he need a leash? Which way are we going? Is james home? Is Ajai home?"
On and on and on for the entire walk, which took a little over 30 minutes.
I LOVE the exploration and the wonderment they see in the world. It is priceless, but so are five minutes of silence.

Monday, May 11, 2009

dinner rut

I am in such a dinner rut, what to fix, what to fix? Same old chicken and ground beef. If I have to see one more hamburger or grilled chicken I think I might SCREAM!!!!! I am just not in the mood to become adventuresome BUT I am so not in the mood for the same old meals. I need simple and quick and easy and very limited ingredients. What is a girl to do? Any ideas??????

Friday, May 8, 2009

In a rut

I have been in a rut lately. Same old routine, same old food, same old obligations. I am starting to look forward to summer for the change of pace and routine. I have taken a few new classes at the gym to spice things up but still muddling through. Maybe I need to higher a personal trainer and personal chef to make things more exciting. Imagine, everyday not having to plan, shop, or cook your meals AND have them be super delicious each day. Sounds like heaven. Now all we need to do is win the lottery. Huh, very slim chance on that happening because I do not even play. Oh well, off to make some pizza for dinner, TRYING to be different. Let me know if you have any good tips on changing things up.........

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Barrett

Today my little boy is turning nine years old. He is certainly not a little guy anymore. When measured this morning, my first born rose above my chest, almost to my shoulders. My little guy does not ride in a booster seat, he walks to friends houses by himself, and attends cub scout meetings and campouts. No longer does my little guy cuddle up in my arms and ask for a story about a bear or a dog. Now it is a book to be read by him to me about Stars Wars, Pokemon, or Football. He is quickly growing into a confident strong kind compassionate young man that makes me smile everyday. What happened to my little boy?