Thursday, February 11, 2010


in the midst of making cookies for Coop's VDay party tomorrow and I had to stop and pause. I found myself licking my fingers so often that I lost count. Why is it homemade cookie dough is SOSOSOSO delicious? How can one say no? I certainly can not. Do you think Weight Watchers counts point for finger licking? If so.....I wonder how many it is?

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RM said...

Hello, I found your blog page tonight while hunting around for support groups of some sort for stay-at-home moms. I agree with you cookie dough is yummy. My kids crack me up when they see me eat it they say "mom, you shouldn't eat that it has raw eggs" well, they are right and I taught them that. To funny. I am a mom of three. Love them dearly but finding out now that they are all in school I need something to fill my days with.