Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Been quite awhile

yes it has been quite awhile I know but things have been jumpin' here in the Gill home. The biggest and most exciting news to date is our new puppy we got last weekend. His name is Macon Trouble Gill and is 12 weeks old. He is fuzzy and sweet and trouble and fun, all rolled into one. I took this picture on Easter Morning, as our fisrt family picture together. I can not believe i was able to get all kids AND dog looking and smiling.
We are on spring break this week and have very little plans. Daddy is working and the kids are playing with the puppy. It is kind of a mini taste of what is to come this summer. Have to be honest with you, not sure if I am going to be able to take it. We are going to have to have some set plans or things to do each week or I may not survive. The idea of sleeping in and hanging out always sounds so good to me but it never really happens. Oh well, at least this week they have Macon to keep them busy! What should I do when the newness wears off and it is not fun to watch the puppy anymore?

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Starbucks Mom said...

who came up with that name? it's adorable and so is the puppy! Your kids look angelic is this picture, glad to read your blog again