Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Worth the fight?

Is it worth the fight? I think this a lot when dealing with not only my children, but my husband as well. Sometimes the issues I have with them are not really worth the fight it takes to fix them. It is a pain for me to have to do so much but sometimes it is more of a pain to fight them on it. Sadly, this is more true with my husband then with my children. I tend to fight the necessary fights with the children because they then learn what is expected and do the right thing. Chad on the other hand just listens to me, gives me a look, and continues right on doing what irks me. In fact, yesterday I asked him to stop doing something that really bothered me. I openly admitted that I had not solid reason for it to bother me or for him to stop bu that it simply really bothered me. Furthermore, I then offered a few compromises on the issues. You know what he did? he looked at me and said he was going to need to think about it because the fact that it bothered me made him want to do it that much more. Huh? What is wrong with this picture?

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Starbucks Mom said...

Ginny I concur, lately Rick has been leaving the toilet seat up ALL the TIME!! And this has never been a problem in the past. What's up with that? When I ask him nicely, meanly, indifferently, it doesn't matter, the outcome is the same. And the odds are weighed more heavily in the girl direction in this household, so he better get his toilet seat skills under control:)