Friday, February 22, 2008

My Version of The Baby Story

Well, I was reading a friends blog this morning and she is having a contest. Readers are supposed to post their baby stories online and then she is going to pick the winner and we get a prize!!! YEAH FOR PRIZES!!! Oh, totally off the subject, I know I have been absent for awhile but Parke has been sick and really giving us a run for our money. He is FINALLY feeling better after 5 trips to the Pediatrician and we ALL got a full night sleep last night. Okay, here we go..
I am going to post all four storied in one, to save me time because there is no telling when I am going to get back on the computer again...
Baby Number One:
Barrett Evans GIll
My husband and I had been talking for quite awhile about when we wanted to start our family. He came from a large family and I knew I wanted lots of kids so when CHad pulled out the spreadsheet to exactly calculate how many kids we were going to have, how far apart they needed to be, and how to get them out of the house by retirement, I knew I was in trouble. I mean come on, who can really plan their children's conceptions and birth to such a T and with such accuracy. Oddly enough, my husband was. We knew we wanted four and he figured we had to start trying the summer or 1999 so as to have them all out of the house by age 50. One month later. we are pregnant. Much to my surprise and Chad disappointment, (he said he was looking forward to a few months of the whole "TRYING " process. BUt, we were excited and naive, as most new parents. We took all the right classes, bought all the right equipment and felt totally prepared to whatever was thrown our way... We were going to be parents dog gone it all! Anyway, skip forward nine months, and Chad was called into work for the night shift. I wasn't feeling very well so I hit the sack early and waited for his return the next morning. I did not sleep well, and when he fell into bed at 6:30 am I got up and started pacing. BY 7 am I woke him and told him I thought it was time to go. HE looked over at me sleepily, and said, "NO honey, I do not have to go in to work today, I just got home.." I said, "Not Work, the hospital!" Then, he stirs a little and says, "Are you sure?" Am I sure of what? I have never done this before but I feel like my abdomen is about to explode so I think we should at least get it checked out. By this point my contractions are 5 minutes apart and he decides to get in the shower. 20 minutes and what feels like 100 contractions later, he emerges and then proceeds to start cleaning up the house. I finally say, "We need to go and We need to go NOW!" In his defense, he did not want to go to the hospital and be sent home for false labor but hell, this WAS my due date! He drives slower than I would have liked but we finally get to the hospital, get checked in and the say YEs, you are in labor! Part of me really wanted to turn to my husband and go "NANNY NANNY BOO BOO, TOLD YOU I WAS RIGHT!" But what came out instead was, EPIDURAL!!!! LOng story made a little shorter, I got my epidural and quickly progressed along. On a side note, my entire family was to be coming in from out of town, the ones that had been calling 15 times a day until this particular know, MY DUE DATE< and then no one could be reached. Finally, the nurse turned to us and said you know that noise ya'll have been hearing for 4 hours??? That is your phone!!!! Anyway, the doctor came in to check me and said"WOW< HUH< we have never seen this before...Let's get an ultrasound" and then LEFT THE ROOM!!! NO EXPLANATION, NO NOTHING!!! THey did the ultrasound, and again he said, "HUH, Interesting..." No elaboration, no NOTHING! Not even a, "How ya doing?" The nurse finally looks up and says that the baby had flipped breach and we then need to have a Csection. Chad and I looked at each other and asked," NOW?" And the wonderful doctor said, " Oh yeah, you are going to be holding this little one in 35 minutes" ANd we were, 35 minutes later at 3:16 pm, Friday May 5, 2000 we were looking at our first born, our baby boy, and we both realize that we are terrified. ALl of that confidence and knowledge we thought we had quickly flew out the window when we realized we had to take this little guy home with us....
Baby Number 2:
Logan Carter GIll
Obviously, we survived as parents and decided to try again. Again, it took very little time and we were pregnant again. This 2nd pregnacy was noneventful, we were only moving two hours away, selling our home, buying a new one, caring for a 18 month old and living with my folks. We moved six weeks before she arrived, and I quickly found new doctors and hospitals. In doing so, we decided to have a VBAC so an induction date was set. When that morning rolled around, we happily piled into the car and headed off. They started the Pitocon, and 5 hours later Logan came out perfectly, just as she was supposed to.
Baby Number 3
Cooper Chalkey GIll
She again was not a challenge to conceive but decided to give us a run for our money on her birthday. I was planning another VBAc and had the induction date all set. BUt my water broke around 11am 3 weeks early and Chad had been working for 3 days straight on a job. When I called to tell him, he said I could not have had it happen at any better time. He was just heading home to get some much needed sleep. He made a detour, picked me up and headed off the hospital. After sitting in the lobby for 5 hours waiting for a room, we were finally placed in a room. My doctor came to check on me and said she would have loved to have stayed to deliver but she also had been up on call for 3 days and needed to get some rest. She started Pitocon, and I quickly progressed from 4 cm to 10 and I was ready to deliver in under an hour. The nurse checked me for a final time and she got a perplexed look on her face. SHe called the doctor in and he proceeded to say he had not seen this before. Chad looked up and said, "Is it a butt you feel instead of a head?" And they say yes. He then told them this was the second time it had happened to us after I was in labor and my water had broken. The baby had flipped breach and was already halfway in the birth canal. They wisk me off to surgery, and she is born 20 minutes later...9:21 pm. Another beautiful baby girl....
Baby 4; (I promise I am almost done)
Parker Spencer GIll
Our fourth and final was conceived in the same timely fashion as our others. One month of trying and BAM pregnant again. This fourth one did take my by a surprise, I had just lost 40 pounds and had to take 3 tests to convince myself it was true. Needless to say, we were ecstatic to be blessed with number four. AFter a lot of discussion with my OBGYN and 2 Csections later. we set an induction date fro JUne 6, 2006. MY OBGYN looked at her calendar and said she did not have many births scheduled for that day and we proceeded to tell her that is because the birthday is 6-6-06 BUt we did not care, we wanted to have our little monkey and get on with it SO, we scheduled the induction, and much like his sister he came into the world with very few bells and whistles at 12:31pm. The funny side note to Parker's birth is my eldest son. When we told him we were pregnant again, he said it had to be a boy. He said he had ordered a boy with Cooper and he got a sister and he already had one and had not wanted another one SO< this time he was certain he was getting a brother. Every night at prayers, he prayed for a brother and told me he was moving to the jungle with Tarzan if it turned out to be another sister. We found out it was a boy at 20 weeks ( the ONLY baby we found out the sex of) BUT< he pulled me aside a week before the induction and said he was packing his bags in case the doctors were wrong about it being a brother, but he told me not to worry, he would not go all the way to the jungle, but instead move in with his Nana. Lucky for him, the doctor was NOT wrong and his baby brother came into the world on 6-6-06.


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Thanks so much for sharing your story (stories).
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