Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's All A Plot Against Me

So we have had the stomach bug running through our house and It took it's third victim this morning. Parker proceeded to throw up at the bus stop just before heading off to preschool. He seems fine now but I could not send him to school with the threat of him getting sick there. What does this mean for me? It means that we leave for Disney World in 4 days and the two days I had to run errands have been taken up by sick children. Now, I need to drop back and punt and try to figure out how to get ready for the big trip with little ones in tow.......
I will let you know how that goes......
Doesn't look too promising!
On a positive note, I DID get to fit a run in this morning so maybe the Wii Fit will not fuss at me TOO much.

1 comment:

kitty said...

shit! at least they're getting sick before the trip and not, say, in the car on the way there. ugh. (or are you flying?)
good luck! thinking of you!!! ooxoxoxo