Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I am doing my best and trying to continue to update my blog as much as possible but I have seem to run out of stuff to write about. How boring is that! My life is the same old same old each day and I am NOT a fan of posting gripes and complaints about all the hectiness (if that is a word) of our lives. So, if I still have some readers out there, let me know that you are there and I will keep on trying to find something to post about.......if not, than you would not be reading this anyway!


Starbucks Mom said...

Ginny I get on your blog everytime there is a new post, so hey girl keep em coming and if I don't always write about them it's because I don't want you think I'm stalking the Gill family. I love your little insights into your life and it's so much like everyone elses that your putting down in e-words what we are all thinking also.

Mark & Steph's Big Adventures said...

I always check in to see how the Gill family is doing and admire your stick toitness. I started a blog when we first move here and haven't written in a year. I write in my head all the time but it never makes it to the blog.