Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Coming to Peace with Bickering

Chad had a book he read a few years ago that really changed his attitude toward us as a family. At least for a little while it did. Once work got crazy again and life started to fly by he resorted back to his old ways. I chose to read sections of the book to see just what it said to see if I could get as much out of it as he did. I only read a few chapters but one stuck out. It talked about as a parent, you had to find peace in and accept bickering as a part of life and children and move on. Don't let the little fights take over your day and stop trying to micromanage to solve every little issue. Sounds pretty easy, right? Simply ignore the little things and move on. Well I have been trying to do so and have been pretty successful until the past few weeks. I do not know if the patience has waned OR if the little scuttles have become larger and more frequent. I believe it is the second. Things have escalated so much I have had to resort to yelling on a few occasions which is really against my better judgment. Prime example came last night. Logan and Barrett were yelling at the top of their lungs, "those are mine", "no they are not", "yes they are", "no they are not"..........on, and On, and ON!!!! Louder and louder and louder until I cold not take it any more and I had to shout, "BE QUIET!" You could have heard a pin drop. Mommy does not normally yell but I just could not take it anymore. OVER PENCILS, mind you.
So, I ask you, is this really my lot in life and am I just supposed to come to peace and accept it?
Give me strength if that is the case.....

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