Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I do not wish away these years of my young children. I do NOT want them to grow up any faster than they already are but is it a little too much to ask for a few minutes of quiet during the day? I have two girls who each talk more than their mommy, (which those of you who know me could find very surprising that it is possible) but now to add to the mix, my youngest is coming into his own with conversation skills. I start my morning with talking and it continues nonstop until the last one falls asleep. Not even the last one in bed because they still find several ways to talk to me from their rooms.
Yesterday, Chad had taken the older two for guitar lessons and I had the younger two. I wanted to get some fresh air so I decided to take them for a walk around the neighborhood. The mouths started moving before we even left,
"Where are my shoes? Can Jodi come? Where is the leash? Can I walk him? No, Can I walk him? Where is my sweatshirt? Will I need my sweatshirt? Why are you wearing your sweatshirt mommy? What shoes are you wearing mommy? Where did daddy and lo and bear go? When they be back? Where are we walking? Can we go yet?" All before we walked out the door.
THEN, the conversation really started....." Mommy look at that tree! Come on Jodi! Let's go! Why is Jodi a dog? Why does he have a tail? A ROCK! A Puddle! Look Mommy WATER! When is it my turn to walk the dog? Why does he need a leash? Which way are we going? Is james home? Is Ajai home?"
On and on and on for the entire walk, which took a little over 30 minutes.
I LOVE the exploration and the wonderment they see in the world. It is priceless, but so are five minutes of silence.

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