Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fun Weekend

We had a really great memorial Day weekend. We had a date night, out of town guests, and cookout and swimming with Mimi and PopPop. Unfortunately, Bear did get the stomach bug during part of the holiday but he was a trooper and was ready to go by MOnday. We headed to Mimi and PopPop's pool for some well earned swimming fun. Cooper can finally touch this year, Yeah for her (and me!) and Parker strapped that life vest on and took off. I think this year should be a really good year for me at the pool. Last year was a little crazy with Bear and Lo darting off to be with friends, Cooper not being ale to touch, and Parker sprinting every chance he got and simply jumping in with no care in the world. Now at least he will have a vest on and Coop can touch. I was also able to get a very rare picture of me with the kiddos and a great one of them and their daddy.
We had an awesome date night with another couple friday evening and then had guests come in for Saturday night. WE ate, drank, talked, and relaxed.
Could anyone ask for a better weekend?

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Starbucks Mom said...

I love seeing the family photos with all the kids in them, just like a giant picture of happiness- can Chad swim better with his monkey like arms?