Monday, July 6, 2009

Daddy days of Summer

Last year Chad was less than excited about our church situation so he began what we starting calling Daddy Days Of Summer. Each Sunday, Chad would pick a location or outing for the family to go on and we would spend the day together doing things we might not normally do. It was a huge success and the children were jumping up and down excited when summer began again because so would the Daddy Days. Last week, we started slow and went to Putt Putt, Bumper Boats, Go Karts, and the park. We had lunch out and had a wonderful time playing with the kids. This week we went out for our favorite lunch then headed off to the Science Museum for the Shark exhibit. The kids had so much fun and I had a hard time pulling Chad away as well. We then scooted home and had milkshakes and movie night. Everyone spent the day chatting and playing and amazingly there was very little fighting. We are looking forward to next week and where it will take us next.


Anonymous said...

super cute green pants! now you need to order the same shoes as me, but in the green!!


Starbucks Mom said...

that place looks cool, Reece would be all over that. Why do we live so far away from you?!?