Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time for the Blinker

I would like to say that we are about to turn the corner on potty training in this house. I would NOT say that we are turning the corner, BUT the corner is in sight and I think I feel the need to at least turn the Blinker on, we may be THAT close. He is beginning to tell us and try and take care of thing himself, so we will see. We are headed to the beach next week and things may go horribly awry. In fact, that alarm might start sounding, you know the one that lets you know the blinker is still on but you haven't turned? We will see!
I am looking forward to seeing what is around the corner for my little guy........

1 comment:

Starbucks Mom said...

just don't be that old lady with her blinker on for like 40 miles, with a line of traffic behind her while she hogs the left lane, sitting 2 inches below the steering wheel and with knee highs on, held up with black straps. Don't be her ginny gill!! Keep up the good work parker, dude