Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Everyone has it, there is no avoiding it.....the Swine Flu. Here is my question? How worried should I be? I hear all the news and warnings from the health departments and the schools but what can we really do? There is no way to keep our children and selves from becoming exposed short of quarantining ourselves in the house all winter. I do not know about the rest of you but this is NOT an option for us. In our neighborhood alone, 4 boys in 1 1/2 weeks have come down with it and I can not think of a family I know with children that has not been affected. Bear is home now with it but what I want to know is how scared should I be? I mean I think the scarier idea is that it will spread through my family like wildfire and I might be stuck here for quite sometime. AAAAHHHHH! That is a scary thought.
I guess on the upside is I might get to post more often on my blog????

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Anonymous said...

swab everyones nose with salt water and have them gargle. that may stop the flu from taking hold of them. stock up on jello and ibuprofen, just in case.

The Luthers