Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What to be?

What do you want to be for Halloween?
One would think this would be an easy enough for a child . However, when presented with all the options, I think it is way to overwhelming for a three year old. Barrett is set, decided. The girls have only changed their minds 3 times and I have ordered the latest choice so they can not change again. Parker, on the other hand, is a mess. He has NO IDEA how to choose from all of the fabulous options out there. I have already purchased one costume and he has already chosen 6 other options. Luckily, we have several in our closet but knowing my child he will be adamant about the one costume I do not have come October 31st and it will be too late. So far the choices are:
Ben 10
Power Ranger
Peter Pan
Scooby Doo
These are the ones from THIS WEEK.
What to do, what to do????

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