Wednesday, October 21, 2009


So it has been awhile since I posted but nothing really major has happened. The kids get up, they go to school, I run around like a crazy woman trying to accomplish more than humanly possible, they come home from school, homework, karate, dance, gymnastics, scouts, dinner, showers, stories, and bed. That is about what each and everyday looks like in the Gill household. Throw in doctor appointments and meetings and it is one big party. I keep wondering when things are going to calm down a bit then I realize with four children and a super busy husband, that is not going to happen for quite some time. In fact, by the time it does happen, I will probably not know what to do with myself or my time.
However, I do have some free time now. The house is quiet, children are bathed and in bed, dishes done, kitchen clean, backpacks packed for tomorrow, Chad is out. I could catch up on work, post on my blog BUT I could also go to bed. I choose to hit the sack so

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Starbucks Mom said...

Sounds like my life too Ginny, only my kids don't look like your kids and your's don't look like mine but both our husbands are obsessed with midgets