Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day.....LATE

Well it is not still Mother's Day officially. It ended 8 minutes ago but as you can see I am still up and my mind was racing so I thought I would get this post in. I wanted to say I hope every Mother out there had a wonderful day. I hope it was filled with laughter, smiles, rest, fun, and attention. I know mine was. It was a wonderful day. I think it really needs to be to help you get the week going right. I mean it is kind of a bummer to have such a wonderful relaxing fun filled day then BAM, back into the rat race we go. No easing back into things, no extra time to gather the energy....just Happy Mothers Day then Mommy where are my shoes, my pants, my book bag, did you pack me a snack, my lunch, did you sign my folder, hurry we are going to be late for the bus, refill my prescription, make this bank deposit, pick up milk and bread at the grocery store, cook lunch and dinner, start the laundry, did you wash my work pants, karate practice, pool ID pictures, return emails, and that is just for Monday. So, I am off to bed in hopes of getting a little rest before it all begins again tomorrow....
Sweet dreams to all you mommies out there and I hope you did indeed have a wonderful day!

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