Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

Well, I got most of what I needed to get done the other day. I now only have 2 things left on the list for Saturday and I plan on getting them done after taking Bear to Karate this afternoon! YEAH FOR ME!!!! Now I have to make the cake(s), wrap the presents, clean the house, prep the food, set the tables, and keep the brood happy until Saturday morning. TOTALLY DOABLE!!!!!!
Another topic, what do ya'll think about summer camps? I have gathered some information for several programs for the summer for my different children. However, I am trying to decide whether or not it is worth putting them in some programs or not. I mean NOWHERE will take all four so I wold have to split them up, shuffle them around, and then try and coordinate times and weeks so they are all occupied at the same time. Because really, if I am going to send them to a program, I AM going to make it worth my time and have as few children home at one time as possible. The other part of me thinks I should just bag the whole camp idea and enjoy the summer. WE joined the pool, hang out with friends, and not have to be anywhere at any certain time. This sounds wonderful but I am wondering if it is going to bite me in the rear halfway through the summer. WIll I be totally insane by July 15th??? I don't know! WHat do you guys think????


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the parties! I'm in the midst of planning the baby's first birthday. I intended for it to be low key, but we're going to have people in and out all day. I've got the party around noon, hosting a dinner in the afternoon and then hosting a small gathering that night. What have I gotten myself into?


MamaC said...

Summer camp is great. I went to Westview (Methodist camp in Goochland) when I was a kid and loved it. I think they start at 6 or 7--it's a sleep away, but only for a week (Sun-Fri.) I would also look at your gym--my gym has "summer day camp" for ages 2 and up every day of the week (and the nursery for the younger ones.)

Meagan Francis said...

Ginny, I can't find your e-mail address, but you won a copy of Table for Eight over at! will you please shoot an e-mail to so I know where to send it? Thanks!