Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mommy Jeans

I need some new jeans. My jeans I have right now are great but I am constantly pulling them up and down and all around so as not to reveal my underwear. As a side note, my friend suggested I change the type of underwear I chose so that when it showed, it was more hip BUT my problem is I do not want my underwear to be HIP and show I want it to NOT SHOW!!! So, I began searching for a good pair of jeans. I tried on 9 pairs at Walmart and found a pair that fit really well. They are No Gap Waistband and are great. I really think they would work well but they are not the coolest style. They look more like Mommy jeans than I would really like. SO, the issue is, buy the jeans that fit well and are super comfy, OR keep the jeans I have that do not fit super well BUT look cool. What to do, what to do???????

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Mama C. said...

I have found that now that we are mommies, we will NEVER be cool again. Buy the comfy jeans. :)