Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sleep anyone???

I guess I should have realized that with four young children and a dog sleep would not be a very abundant commodity in our house but I did think I was past the awful times of up all night since the children are not babies anymore. Well, the past four nights have proven me is how the last few nights went:
Saturday- 12:45 Logan woke up, threw up everywhere, and I was up until 4:30, Chad's alarm then sounding at 6:30 for work
Sunday- 11:30, 1:45, 2:30, and some other time when I did not look at the clock Parker was up crying
Monday- Barret came home with the throw ups so all night was slept with one eye open waiting to be beckoned to the bathroom
Tuesday- Cooper woke up three times to go potty and wet the bed
What do I have in store for me tonight? All that is left is the dog or my husband, both of which I might have to threaten with bodily harm so I can get some rest.
I suppose the best way to look at is at some point in the future, I will be having trouble sleeping because it will be too QUIET in the house.


kitty said...

OMG, poor ginny. damn babe, that really sucks. i'm thinking about you and praying everyone settles down tonight. hey, i'm usually up between 4 and 5 and sometimes also at 2 so if you get bored call me!

hang in there

Starbucks Mom said...

Ginny, that stinks and we were in that barf boat a few weeks ago and luckily Rick and Emma never got it, but like you, I slept with one eye open to wait for the inevitable gagging and retching sound. Then I got it and that was the worst b/c of course Rick was out of town and baby couldn't stay off my chest or out of my face for more than 10 minutes, I think they can sense when you are sick. I think most mothers don't realize how similar our lives are to those around us going through the same tribulations. Cheer up when you are 50 and with an empty nest you'll long for a reason to be awakened at night.