Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the Big Man himself

So, we went to see old Saint Nick on Sunday at the Children's Museum and had a wonderful time. We went with my parents and the children were able to play in the museum while Daddy waited in line. Some might feel for sorry for the Daddy who had to stand in line for TWO HOURS to meet Santa but come on, look at the facts, he was allowed to stand in line ALONE for TWO HOURS surfing the net on his iphone and chatting it up with friends while my mom, dad, and I chased four crazy children around the Children's museum for TWO HOURS....I want to color, I want to dress up, I want to play with the boats, I want to climb the tree and this was ALL AT THE SAME TIME! But all, in all, we had a wonderful visit and all the children told him what they hoped would arrive in their stocking. Sadly, some are going to be disappointed. I am afraid because Santa is not bringing FOUR GUITARS with multi colored flames on them. I hope they will be happy wit what does arrive. I would tell you what they are going to get but then that would ruin the surprise when they happen to check my blog :):):):):):):) I would post a picture of the day but all I have is a vertical one and I have not figured out yet how to rotate pictures to post. sorry! Just close your eyes and imagine.......yep it was pretty darn cute!

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