Sunday, December 28, 2008

The BIG Christmas gifts of the Year

The BIG Christmas present of the year for the kids was a trip to Disney World. We are taking them to Disney for a week in January. YEAH!!! I do not know if Barret is more excited about the trip or getting to miss school but we should all have a really good time.
Along with the Wii, Mimi and PopPop got the grandchildren their first gas powered four wheeler! It was a huge hit......
Nana and Grandaddy brought down the house with a Guitar for Barrett, DS for Logan, an American Girl Doll for Cooper, and you guessed it, MORE Lightning MQueen stuff for the Park Man. The kids had a fabulous holiday and were so gracious and truly thankful for all of their presents. They certainly made Chad and I proud. Thank you to everyone, we love you!

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Anonymous said...

what a super fun christmas! you and yours are truely blessed. which wii games did you get? The Luthers