Tuesday, December 9, 2008


A good friend of mine over at lovebugandrolleypolley (see her blog in the side note) writes quite often about her family and their sleep issues. I read her posts and feel sorry for her and her sleep deprived self. Well, I am starting to feel her pain a bit. Parker is having some sleep troubles lately and I am not sure of what to do. He seems to be waking up every night sometime between 10:45 and 12:00am. This does not sound like a true problem because it is early on in the night but no fail it is right when I have drifted off to sleep. I could try and stay up and he still seems to wait until right after I fall asleep. Then it takes me quite a bit of time to fall back asleep. We have tried the crying it out method and the immediate response method. I have gone in there and Chad has gone in there. The problem is he is easily soothed and returns back to sleep every time but I am up for awhile and it occurs again the next night. I feel bad for letting him cry because I know this will not go on for ever but he is getting less and less of a sympathetic mommy each night. What it HAS done is reinforced YET AGAIN that I do not want any more children. I am DONE with the middle of the night waking. So, I have resorted to crossing my fingers each night that this will be the night he will sleep though and each night am sadly proven wrong. But maybe tonight???????? Keep your fingers crossed! (the picture was taken during naptime, when of course he sleeps very well! Why can't he look this peaceful in the middle of the night?)


kitty said...

oh no. you're way more experienced than me, but when tayloe's had problems like this (and he for sure has), i make a point to talk about it a lot during the day, starting when he wakes up in the morning. something like, 'you had trouble sleeping last night. you woke up and called for me. tonight if you wake up, try to go back to sleep.' yadda yadda yadda. it usually works for us.
praying for you!!!

Mama C. said...

It's probably just a brief phase, but I know it's terrible while it's happening. I can usually look to three things when my girls have sleep issues: sickness, family upset, or food upset.
The sickness is pretty easy to rule out--could he be getting some molars? Maybe some Motrin before bedtime would help.
Family upset is pretty easy, too--if I've been upset or there's some sort of stress going on in the house, the girls feel it. So, I make a special point when times are stressful to snuggle, tickle, read, and even explain what's going on.
Food upset can be trickier. Has he started eating something new? I switched juice brands/flavor a month or two ago and Evy had a similar sleep disruption. I went through the list above before I got to food upset and remembered the juice switch. I went back to the old brand and the problem was solved.
Worth a shot! I hope he sleeps soon!