Thursday, December 4, 2008


What is this new craze? I have joined Facebook and several of my friends have found me but NOW what do I do? I do not really understand it OR how to work it. It seems to me that they keep creating more and more ways to communicate with others online that pretty soon, we will no longer need to meet our friends for coffee or even call them on the phone. Who finds that a little sad??????? I mean there is something about seeing and talking with good friends face to face. I certainly enjoy it more. SO, I am destined to continue to check my Facebook home on a somewhat frequent basis but I refuse to give up the good old telephone and face to face meetings!


Starbucks Mom said...

I agree totally Ginny! Yes, I've found people I used to go to school with and work with, but what happened to a phone call and personal contact. Like going to Disney with a old friend :)

Anonymous said...

Girl, you are either super cool Mom or overcommitted. YOu have email, a blog, a FaceBook page and run a super family and all that other stuff you do... Whew! I think we are all over stimulated with electronics. America, unplug!