Monday, March 16, 2009


Have you ever just woken up frazzled? I mean you sleep well, feel well rested to start the work week, but for some reason things just don't start right. That was me this morning. I cannot put my finger on it but things were not smooth sailing in the Gill household this Monday morning. Plans were changed at the last minute, tears were shed over shoes and drinks, books and papers were forgotten.........BUT, I rallied, as all good stay at home moms can do. I ran my few errands, came home and regrouped. Thank goodness! My day was not a total loss, I got some very good things accomplished, even with the start we had. I think what made it better was the triple venti soy nofoam hazlenut latte. For some reason, it tasted better today then it has in a really long time. Maybe it was the fact that it was made for me as a treat to sooth my nerves. Whatever it was, it hit the spot and now, smooth sailing! What time does Starbucks open tomorrow???????

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