Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Okay, so I just realized this afternoon that I never posted about the big slumber party. Sorry about that, I am sure you have all been waiting with baited breath to hear how it went........well, it went really well. All the girls had a wonderful time and there was some sleeping going on, not as much as normal but more than I expected to occur. At one point, one little girl looked at me and said this was the best birthday party she had ever been to. She must have really low expectations. Anyway, all the girls were well behaved and there was no drama....imagine, six girls and no drama.....I know I should mark that day on the calendar because it will probably never occur again. Logan loved having her friends over and they were wonderful to Cooper and included her in everything as well. We had the Family party on saturday night and then the week long birthday bash came to a close......until next year for her......and six weeks for her brother.

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