Monday, March 2, 2009

The Big SNOW!

So we had a really big snow last night and today. We got almost 9 inches here. It was the first time in a super duper long time we have had a good snow here in Richmond and my kids loved it. We got a snow day from school today and tomorrow. YEAH!!!! I love snow days more than any other holiday because I feel it is truly a gift from God and you are supposed to go have fun with it. Take a break and PLAY......and that is what we did. We ate homemade waffles, played in the snow, walked the neighborhood, made an attempt at a snowman, built a snow wall and drank hot chocolate. We were also able to catch up with our neighbors for a last minute happy hour because of no school tomorrow. Many would say a day off of school is not a day off for mom but I really had a great time with the family. Chad even closed work. So, thanks for the gift.......

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