Monday, April 20, 2009


This beautiful weekend was spent mostly celebrating two of my family members and their upcoming babies. One is having her first and it is a little boy and the other is having her third and fourth (yes twins!). It was wonderful to share in these women's joy with the impending births. It did however make me a little nostalgic for my own babies, which my children are not. They are growing thriving little kids, some not even that little anymore. I was watching as these women prepared and it caused me to think back about what I did to prepare for my own births. I got a little sad thinking there would be no more little ones but then I started thinking about how far we have come and how close we are to being able to really take off. We are a few short months from being able to hop in the car and head out for adventure. No stroller, no naps, no sippy cups.... freedom to do and go where we want without having to bring a little one along. I instantly began planning what we would see and where we would go. All that is ahead of my family. Those thoughts made me feel very full and happy inside. My family and heart are complete and it is such a wonderful feeling. No that is not to say I won't want to steal a baby snuggle here and there but I now always want to give them back.

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Starbucks Mom said...

Ginny I think I can finally say I am there too. Hearing my sister talk about her ultrasound appts and buying new baby things, is great and I like to listen, but we are just not there anymore- you have a beautiful family and should feel right to be content