Monday, April 6, 2009

The Start of Spring Break

Today is the first day of spring break, but I do not lie to really call it spring break because it is no break for me. it means all the little ducklings are home with mama duck, with their peck peck pecking demanding this and that and everything. This morning started off with screams, fussing, yells, tears, doors slamming, and then more screams and tears. The day followed this routine until an hour ago when by the wonderful grace of GOD the sun started shining and they went outside. I cold actually see the rays of sun breaking through the storms clouds and could have sworn I heard the Hallelujah chorus! It was the most glorious sight I had seen in days. What is it about outside that calms even the most savage beast? Whatever it is, I hope it stays around for awhile, at least until school is back in session.

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