Thursday, July 26, 2007

Things I ponder...

A good friend of mine asked me yesterday whether it was typical for a little boy to throw everyitng in site. I immediately emailed back reassuring her it was but after I hit the send button I began to think about this. Why is it normal? What makes little boys more prone to toss, chuck, heave, or throw EVERYTHING in site; yet, my little girls are happy to roll the ball, stack the blocks, and push the cars. Having started with a boy, I at first thought it was a normal behavior for ALL tobddlers until my Logan came along. She and Cooper have taught me just how different little girls and little boys are. Now some would say it is the toys we give them or books they read BUT in Logan's case, the odds were stacked against her the other way. All we had was trucks, firemen, bulldozers,etc but she still found a way to turn a fireman into a baby and a bulldozer into a stroller. Cooper follwed in her sisters footsteps ( but with many more girl type toys available). But now, Parker has arrived and he is READY TO RUMBLE! I have enjoyed these peaceful years of babydolls and strollers but am now quickly remembering what a toddler boy is really like! Wish me luck!

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cat, kitty, kitters said...

little boys are monsters. and i mean that in the best possible way.
i agree with you - i think it's just the way they're programmed.