Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My First Blog

Well, Ladies and gentlemen..
This is my first post ever on a blog. I have been several friend's blogs and keeping myself entertained for awhile but finally decided to enter the computer world and see if anyone out there would be interested in what I have to say and share. My best friend assured me more that just she and probably my mom would read this on occasion so I decided to give it a wirl. Let me know if you deicd to read so I do not feel so alone in this computer world. Until next time.... ginny


cat, kitty, kitters said...

im so very glad you're doing this! you have some MUCH to share. i promise to read all the time!

Mom and Dad said...

Yes, Mom and Dad Dad will certainly check your blog and are looking forward to hearing all your news. Don't expect us to start a blog though, this will be another way for Dad to procrastinate on Blues. Love your efforts!!! You really are in the computer age.
Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

hey, you might get more hits than you think! your spelling isn't so great (or do I blame your spell check?) but I love reading about your adventures. This DOES NOT mean that I won't call you or come over for playdates, however.

The Luther family (the original Adventure Man & Adventure Woman plus Adventure Kids accessories #1 & #2