Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ready to go!

Well it has begun foks. the "preparing to leave and pack the car and keep the kids entertained phase" of our vacation. I have to say it is one of my least favorite parts. Daddy spends the majority of the time outside packing and repacking the car while I have to entertain all inside without their favorite toys (which have been packed), without watching a video (we will be watching one ine the car) without napping (in hopes the littlest will sleep part of the drive). Despite this, I STILL found time to post a few words. I guess my sanity is important in all this as well. Well, we are off so I must pack the computer up, take all the kiddos to the bathroom, resolve 12 fights as to who sits where, then listen to 3 different videos on the dvd players, all while Chad drives in his happy bliss and ignores us for the next few hours! But remember, it is VACATION!

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Anonymous said...

packing the family for a fun vacation is like preparing a city to host the International Olympics. Details and potty breaks... we're glad you had fun and we're glad you are coming home. Want to scale down that packing? Come to the pool with us for four hours.

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