Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Fab Four

Well here is a picture of the fabulous Gill four, Barrett age 7, Logan age 5, Cooper soon to be 3, and Parker age one. The four that keep me busy all day everyday running from here to there and everywhere. I actually have a moment of peace and quiet right now because the two girls are drying off their bikes from the rain storm, Barrett is plaing in his room , and Parker is napping. The house is so still it is almost eerie. I guess I should comment about how lucky I am that my children are very happy entertaining themsleves despite the fact that our grand plans of going swimming at Mimi's pool with the cousins were squelched by the rain this morning. The rain that actully caused the children to sleep in and give me time to create this blog. God sure does have a way of stepping in sometimes and helping us all out! Thank you...


ProfBryce said...

Hey, Ginny! Looks great!!

Madeline said...

Cool! Looking forward to funny anecdotes and more good organized mom tips!
Love, M