Monday, January 21, 2008

I Have a DREAM...

I Have a dream, that all children, little and big, no matter what the color of their skin shall attend school EVERYDAY!  No more days off, long weekends, and teacher workdays.  Let's agree to educate these children and keep them in the public school system instead of in our homes....for long weekends, on very cold days, where they can not go outside but are confined inside the house and destined to drive their mother MAD!!!  Whatever happened to the discussion of year round schooling???
Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day!!!!!!  Hang in there, school is back in session tomorrow!


Prof. Bryce said...

I LOVE the idea of year-round school. Then the kids get 2-3 weeks off each season in between quarters. The rest of the time they're in school. Think of all of the benefits: more sanity for parents, no summer information loss, and a little vacation to enjoy each season. :)

Tracy said...

I like the way you think! It's like private boarding school but for free.
My kids had five days off due to two snow days, then the weekend, then Martin Luther King day (which I still tried to take them to school on until I remembered.)
It was rough on all of us!