Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Why is it so?

I always seem to come up with wonderful posts while I am in bed late ate night.  The words and ideas flow like the water when my children brush their teeth but when I make it down to the computer and have five minutes to type, I draw a blank, as blank as the stare I get from my children when I ask them if they have cleaned up their rooms or put their laundry away.   I guess if I were really dedicated, I would hop out of bed and scoot right down and jot the ideas down, no matter the time.   NNNNAAAAAHHHH, I am not THAT dedicated.  SO until my feeble brain can remember ideas longer than the 3.7 seconds of alert time in bed, you are stuck with what you got!  Sorry, ladies......
Totally off the subject, Chad called the children something the other day which made me laugh out loud!  He is always calling himself a cracker and he called Parker Ritz Bits, you know... miniature cracker??? To funny!

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Tracy said...

I do the same thing but I tell myself that if and when I ever start making money from my blog is when I will jump out of bed to post. Until then, the posts will just have to wait until tomorrow!