Thursday, January 24, 2008

Try it out...

One of the mom blogs I read did this so I am going to try it out:
Let me know if you do it and I will check it out as well...

1. I've come to realize that my last kiss was...30 minutes ago putting the kiddos to bed
2. I'm listening to .....Love Song (my itunes mix)
3. I talk... quite often
4. I husband and the amazing children he helped me create
5. My best friends are.. Chad, Barrett, Logan, Cooper, Parker, and my family who didn't pick me but love me anyway
6. My car is...a very dirty but extremely well loved blue minivan
7. My lovely life...feels very complete
8. I hate it when people ask...if I have  my hands full with my children OR if I planned all of them
9.  Love is...amazingly wonderful and can be extremely hard
10. Marriage is...(see Love is above)
11.  Somewhere someone is thinking... WOW this concrete is cool!
12. I'm need of an extra hand
13. My cellphone is.. red and used A LOT
14.  When I wake in the am....I always hear at least one child awake
15.   When I go to bed at night... I kiss my husband and tell him I love him
16.  Right now I am thinking about... Chad and Parker, hoping they both sleep through the night
17.  Babies are.. soft and yummy smelling
18.  I get on My Space...what is My Space????
19.  Today I... had my mother's intuition validated yet again
20.  Tonight I will...HOPEFULLLY sleep all night
21.  Tomorrow I will...pick up Chad, YEAH!!!!
22.  I really want to be... a good wife, mother, and role model to my family
23.  Someone who will do this on their blog....??????????????????

1 comment:

Tracy said...

I can totally relate to the people asking if they were all planned. I once had some random stranger ask me if they were all planned...I said yes even though they weren't all planned...and he said "Well, I just thought you would have figured out what caused them by now.
I was soooo mad!
Thanks for doing the tag! I'm glad that I inspired someone!