Friday, July 11, 2008

First Real Day of Summer

Okay, so this morning started off my first real day of summer. I say that because it is the first morning since summer started that my children have fought. And I mean really FOUGHT!!!! They started the morning screaming at each other and it escalated to hitting and spitting by 9:20 am....(fyi: they did not get up until 8:30) And the BEST part of the day was I had to take them to the grocery store! What fun! Let me tell you, I could not ask for more fun on a friday morning!
It IS finally quieter here now because Bear has gone to a friends' house for a sleep over and Cooper has a friend over. Logan's friend will be arriving in an hour then Cooper's goes home and we are going to have a girl night sleepover. Pizza, ice cream, and a movie! Want to come along? I am sure Chad will change places with most anybody if he was given the choice.

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