Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Trailer

Okay, so you guys know we are headed off to the beach on Saturday for vacation but what only some of you know is, what I like to call..... THE TRAILER ISSUE '08. I guess I really should not put '08 behind it because it has been the issue for the pst few years but only this year do I have a really good excuse. You see, Chad wants to bring the trailer to the beach. Yes, drive the super large suburban AND pull a trailer. How do we NOT look like the beverly hillbillies?????? All I need now is for my mom to ride in the back in her rocking chair. NO JOKE!!!! You see, his main argument was we could not fit the 5 bikes and all of our stuff in the Tahoe, even with the pack on top. Yes, that was true but now we own a Suburban. Can you find a bigger car????? I think not! And, we got a bike rack that holds five bikes!!! We have the pack that goes on top and we should be ready to go BUT NO!!!!! He STILL wants to pull the trailer. SOunds like a no win argument, huh?
However, I saw my first glint of victory today. He is going to have to work on Saturday and drive up late that night so my parents are going to ride with me and then he is going to bring their car later on in the evening. I CAN"T DRIVE WITH THE TRAILER!!!! I have a hard enough time driving the large car but do not try to add another 10 feet in length. I would probably get stuck in the middle of 64 east back to back traffic and not able to move so if he wants to work on Saturday I think we will be leaving the trailer at home. I will keep you posted on who wins the argument because it IS only thursday and a lot can and will happen before Saturday!

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Mama C. said...

Don't forget the fuel savings of not dragging along the trailer--when you drive a Suburban, every little bit of gas counts. Why, with the trailer, you'd have to stop for gas at every other exit (well, not really, but it'll feel like it!) latest packing tip is to use those silly vacuum bags (they sell them at Walmart)--load the bags with your clothes, sheets, pillows, whatever, then vacuum out the air. I was totally skeptical at first, but those things squish pretty flat.

Have a great vacation!