Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Getting Ready

SO we are headed out on vacation on Saturday SO, the preparing for vacation marathon has begun. Why is it that most times getting ready for a vacation takes so much energy that it takes three days to recoup while your on your trip THEN you have to start getting ready to come home. Was there ever a time that things were easy? SHove a toothbrush and a suit in a bag and hit the road? I guess Chad and I have traded that for years of fun vacations, rather Adventures, with 4 kids. Not so much relaxing or fly by the seat of our pants but I would have to say, MUCH MORE FUN! and, the best part is we will be at that point in our lives again (in about 17 years) so we get the best of both worlds......( and yes I did phrase it this way because I think we are on episode 7 of Hannah Montana in the other room!) Anyway, the kids are happy and I am able to post on my blog! I LOVE the video babysitter!

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