Thursday, July 31, 2008

Murphy's Law

What are the odds that Chad does not read the blog for months on end and get to enjoy all the wonderful posts I have made about him and how great a dad and such a super duper amazing husband ( I would insert several links to previous posts here but I do not know how) YET he decides to start reading two days ago when I post a slightly mean comment about him. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? Of course I will probably have to hear about this one as well but what is a mom to do. I am supposed to provide an honest and accurate description of the daily happenings of the Gill family and if for some reason Chad is not shown is a good light every time, maybe he should think about his behavior.
However, the somewhat negative post of earlier this week did earn me a night off from the dogs. He said he would let them out or in in order to avoid another negative comment on the blog. I guess I should take a win however I may get one!


Mama C. said...

Don't feel bad--when hubby's do obnoxious things, they deserve to hear about it as much as we deserve to vent about it. I, too, had a sleepless night this week. We were out at Jer's parent's house and Evelyn decided not to sleep in a strange place: unless she was on me. So I had to lay in bed all night with her on me (I just can't sleep that way) and Jer had the nerve to say he had a rough night's sleep!! I heard the snores--he got some sleep!! So, yes, I totally understand. :)

And when the hubby acts really bad, I just casually print out the rates of what nannies, maids, cooks, and taxi drivers charge per hour...that usually quiets him up real quick!

kitty said...

tell him he can start his own blog if he wants to defend himself so badly. otherwise, buck up!