Wednesday, July 30, 2008


My children are wild. Especially when it comes to being around water. Barrett and Logan's absolute favorite game to play at the beach was let the wave come crashing in, knock them down and under, and then flounder up......repeat.....repeat....repeat until I could not take it any more and I had to head up to the house with Coopster. THEN, today at the pool Parker started a new game. Run along the side of the pool then jump in at any moment, no matter the depth or the location of mommy. I Love that he is not afraid of the water but give me a break! I think I have lost several years off of my life from all the cardiac arrest over the past 10 days.


Rayven, SAHM said...

LOL, Ive got one terrified of the world and one who oozes daredevil.....she's jumped in fully clothed before!

Good luck!

kitty said...

omg, i know the feeling. i was a 'jump in fully clothed kid' myself and so is little tayloe. the other day at the pool, the lifeguard actually jumped in after him, life buoy and all. it was the most embarrassing thing ever.