Thursday, August 14, 2008


This week I have been on the search for pants. Pants for my Logan. Pants that are not too tight or too big, not too long or not too short and I have decided that they do not EXIST!!!! I have looked EVERYWHERE!!!! You name it, we checked it and tried some pants on. HELP!!!! My next attempt will be to order three sizes from Land's end and hope for the best. ( they have plus sizs with the shorter length...) She might have to go to school in leggings for the next few months until she evens out in size. AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! And to top it all off, it really does not help when you factor in her opinion on clothes. She could not be much pickier. I can only hope Coop does not go through the same phase and if so, it is with the same size PANTS!


Mama C. said...

We missed you the other night!! Lands End has a cute kids catalog--maybe let Logan pick out the styles she likes? The other good thing about LE is if the clothes don't fit, you can return them at the local Sears (or mail them back.) I think all of their pants have the adjustable waists and you can get various lengths. I've got a similar problem with Lydia--she's super skinny with 18M waist but 3T length legs--nothing ever seems to fit her. But I've had luck with Lands End. Good luck!!

kitty said...

bummer. the good news is she needs pants because they're all going back to SCHOOL!!!!! :)

Starbucks Mom said...

Ginny have you tried Hanna Andersson online or miniboden? I try on ebay lots for those as well. Hanna runs true to size in the waist and are sooo comfy.