Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Couple Days off

I know it seems I have taken a couple days off form blogging but I have been having to share the computer with my three older children. They have gotten attached to Webkinz so any chance they get, they want to use mommy's computer. What that means is, any down time in the house....they are in front of the screen instead of me. Hopefully, we will be getting them their own computer soon so I do not have to share OR I might have to wait until school starts to get a chance to have some time for myself. Anyway, we are headed out for our second beach trip on Saturday, return a week later and then in one week SCHOOL STARTS!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!! Can you sense the excitement in my typing?????? And right before that, we have our race and get a night or two off. How sad is it that I have to be willing to run 13.1 miles in order to get a night off! Well, they have emerged from cleaning their room so you know what that means, if mommy wants peace, Webkinz we are bound.......

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Rayven, SAHM of 8 years said...

My kids started with Webkins, then moved onto Lego Expedition and Runescape. Well, I say kids, but I mean my 9 year old son. They "must" get on the computer because they are meeting their friends at a certain time. Oh mommy! What will my friend think if I can't be there??!!

Have they discovered that the clothes they buy for their webkins in the real world can be worn by their virtual pets yet?