Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rain rain go away.....

Well as luck would have it, it rained this morning. The only reason this is important is I had planned an outdoor party for Coop and her friends this morning. I even went to Target last night to purchase a second small pool and pump and had both filled with water early this morning with the sprinkler in all of its glory in between the two pools. Of course, I had no alternative plan. If I had, it would not have rained but I didn't so it did. I made the girls stay outside for as long as they could stand it but 20 minutes into it, they were all freezing, teeth chattering, and huddled up in their towels; therefore, as a good mom of four can always do I IMPROVISED! We played playdough, colored, had a mini dance party and made our own ice cream sundaes to eat on the screened in porch. Not what I had planned or invisioned; however, the girls seemed to love it and Cooper had a wonderful time, so I guess that is what matters. Anyway, the four year old birthday celebrations are over and now we can officially begin the countdown to school starting. One week from today for two, one week from Thursday for the other two.

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