Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lots to Say

Okay, so I have lots to say and blog about but instead of doing it in individual posts, I am just going to do one post with all the info in it SO hang with me if it gets a little long. Then, on the next post, I will include all the pictures....
First things first, we just got back from vacation and I can not say ANYTHING bad about it. We had the most wonderful and amazing time last week. We went to Bald Head Island with my inlaws and nephews. We shared a house with 5 other people and then the other four stayed close by. Things could not have gone better or more smoothly. Everyone got along and behaved. It is so much fun to see all the cousins playing together and getting to know one another. Chad did an amazing job separating from work and he was a joy to be with all week. He relaxed and played with us and took a break from work for awhile. You know how sometimes you click with your spouse and sometimes you don't?? ( see previous posts...) Well during the past week, Chad and I definately were clicking. We were on the same page and really enjoyed each other and the children. It can change the entire tone of the house or vacation when you get along so well. It also makes for a peaceful return to the real world. He is at work today but that is understandable but should be home early.
Secondly, we celebrated my little girl's fourth birthday. The actual day was yesterday and we were driving home so we had a party at the beach with her family. We had pizza and noodles and lots of cake. Side note, the cake was store bought and she was SO EXCITED to have a store bought cake. I normally make my kids birthday cakes and this was the first time ever ( 17 birthdays altogether) I bought one. She loved the pink flowers and said it was her best cake ever....sniff...sniff...sniff.. How sad is it that her perception of wonderful is store bought when most kids would KILL to have their mother make their cakes. Anyway, we are going to see my folks tonight and then have a small friends party on tuesday for the big day. Looking at her, it is hard to believe she is four years old. She has always been small but I say what she lacks in stature she makes up for in sass. She has developed into a sweet caring big sister and little sister with lots of fire and spunk. She won't take a lot of grief from anybody, especially her siblings and then sports that super cute smile and all is right in the world. Forever, she has called this her derfday until 3 days ago the word birthday came out of her mouth. It was the biggest sign that my little peanut butter is growing up. So long derfday and dora.... hello hannah montana and camp rock. She certainly is my little rock star! I love you Cooper, Happy Derfday! ( i can not let go quite yet.....)

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